WTF Wednesday… Kind of Lame

WTF Heat: One-Zero-Six.  As in temperatures reached 106° F yesterday. And it’s possible that it may top that today.  I actually brought my knitting into the pool yesterday.

What the heck, it’ll  need blocking eventually anyway, this is just a jump start.  Everyone is short tempered, especially the cats.  Bonny is holding me personally accountable. She followed me from room to room then sat just out of arm’s reach glaring and huffing in disgust throughout the day. 

WTF Police Charges: Many of you probably heard this story  about the cab driver who lost his license (temporarily) for not realizing that a child’s parents had left their sleeping 5 year-old in the back of the van.   First off, the parents should have been the ones held accountable. Second, even the forgetful parents (probably tired and frazzled after returning from the airport) called the taxi company within minutes and the child was returned unharmed.  It was a mistake on the parents’ part, but I could see how this happened.  I remember my younger brother being left at a restaurant as a child. We had met up with another family and everyone assumed he was with the other person (he was in the bathroom).  My point is, shit happens to everyone.  Did the police really need to press charges against anyone in this case? There are so many legitimate cases of child neglect and abuse.   What a waste of resources.

WTF “Dancing”:  I can’t dance. I have no rhythm, grace or flexibility. Unfortunately, my youngest daughter inherited my lack of rhythm and grace. She is however, extremely flexible.  A3 also possesses an extraordinary amount of self- confidence. Perhaps too much.  The other night the girls listened to music and had a little dance party in the living room.  A3 managed to clear the floor while doing her rendition of “the worm.”  NOTICE TO VIEWERS: She does NOT have epilipsy  ( although I did have an urge to put a popcycle stick between her teeth)

You go A3! Don’t let me, or anyone else ruin your enthusiasm.

WTF Extreme Weeds: As if the dandelions weren’t enough, we’ve now cultivated a huge patch of ginormous thistles.  They stand almost 6 feet tall and have usurped most of the old garden.  Too bad the fluff couldn’t be spun or the stalks pounded and processed like flax.


Sorry this WTF Wednesday was somewhat lame… I blame the heat for the boring post. Later I’ll have to come up with a better excuse!



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6 responses to “WTF Wednesday… Kind of Lame

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Your post is not lame! The heat will suck the desire to live from you. I hope a cold front heads your way, soon!

  2. Hiya!
    Our router fried so I’ve been away for a few days. I’m at Susan & Darren’s and I have hijacked their computer for a few minutes. Sounds like you’ve been busy. Enjoy the air conditioning! We only have a couple window units and the bank nearby said it was 109. Not sure I believe it, but it’s gotta be close to that. Whew!

  3. Sophanne

    That video is a treasure. You must have it forever

  4. Dear me. I was just thinking how good it is that A3 is of the female persuasion…

  5. Yeeha! Go A3! Wiggle that worm while you can. Boobs will get in your way in a few years.

    Love the knitting in the pool!

    And that crop-o-thistles is astounding. One flick of the bic and poof, the whole thing could go up in flame. Yep, wouldn’t it be great to spin that fluff? You might be able to process the stems, but it’s labor intensive and doesn’t produce a very good thread.

  6. Go, A3!! As one who apparently had a rhythmectomy at birth, I applaud her worm.

    I hope you all get relief from the heat soon!

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