Today we’re expecting temperatures cooler than yesterday’s record-setting high of 107. This is particularly good news for us because we had to drain the pool last night. It was beginning to lean to one side and the leg joints had us worried. Our yard isn’t level and when the ground gets damp (from splashing, etc.) it also tends to get soft. The combination of those factors and the weight of the water were responsible for the list. I may pack up the 4 girls and head out some place this afternoon. We’re in search of cool + free/cheap.

Yesterday we drove down to Twisted to pick up yarn for my shawl in progress (SIP). While there A3 picked out some pencil roving and A2 picked out a froggy case to hold her collection d’jour. I also picked up the yarn to make a Baby Surprise Jacket for a co-worker who is having a boy in November and some Schoppel Wolle Zauberball sock yarn.

A3 immediately started spinning when we got home.
In no time at all she had her yarn spun, blocked, dried (outside, of course) and wound into a ball.
A2 joined me in the pool until even the water wasn’t able to provide comfort and we darted for shade and A.C. inside. A1 and E spent most of the day watching television and visiting with a friend in the neighborhood. Once again cooking was kept to a minimum and we had tacos for dinner. Everyone is Jonesing for a vacation, but DH has drill this weekend so our traveling is restricted.




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4 responses to “Hooray!

  1. Fabulous spinning A3! What are you going to knit with it?
    Is there any way you could get some supports underneath the pool, like those free pallets you see at shipping places?
    I suppose just running the sprinklers, or getting a long sheet of plastic to make a home made slip-n-slide would be fun.

  2. Her spun yarn looks great!

  3. It’s really hard to think about cooking when the temps are in triple digits.

    Ever considered how awful a pizza parlor is in the summer time?

  4. The yarn is wonderful! Yours, and hers.

    Cool places: the mall, the movies, the library, the sprinklers, the basement, the grocery store. And it WILL be cooler today, so your own backyard might be bearable.

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