I Love It. I Love It Not.

I Love it that enough progress has been made on my shawl that I’m almost ready to start the lacy parts.
I Love it not that the yarn from the different dye lots so obviously don’t match. When I ‘m done I may use some RIT dye remover to see if I can even up the tones… maybe not. That stuff might be too harsh and damage the wool.

I Love it that my DH finished installing the new glass in our front door!
I Love it not that although I started the project I had to ask for help to finish it.

I Love that I can see through my door now and that there’s lots of light coming in!
I Love it not that should someone come to the door while I’m drooling during a nap on the couch that he/she can see me (although somewhat blurred).

I Love having the pantry full again.
I Love it not that it still needs to be cleaned and organized.

I Love it that A2’s new haircut has generated interest from A1 and that they’re now talking “hair” and other girl stuff without fighting.

I Love it not that now there are two girls primping and usurping time in our only fully-functioning bathroom.

I Love it that Sock Summit is next week. I look forward to seeing that many knitters in one place and to learning new techniques, meeting people I’ve only “met” on-line, etc.

I Love it not that Sock Summit is next week and that it will be crowded with so many knitters in one place. Even fiber folks have the potential to launch me into a full-blown panic attack. What if the friends I’ve met on-line don’t like me in person? What if they laugh at my knitting? What if I lose my registration paperwork and they won’t let me in?


I Love it that last night my eldest and E shrieked hysterically and came running to me for protection when a brown blob unexpectedly plopped down next to them on the deck.
I Love it not that the brown blob turned out to be slugs having a gastropod orgy. Four of them. On the roof of my deck. With more climbing up to join. I hate slugs.



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7 responses to “I Love It. I Love It Not.

  1. My dad use to salt slugs and it would make me cry.
    Don’t worry about sock summit, I’m sure everyone will love you and your knitting!

  2. Slugs=Panic Attack for me

  3. LOL – lucky slugs.. *snicker* * belly laugh*!!! Ok – I would NOT want to have one of ‘those’ but it was a funny thought.. I dont think the dye lots look uneven at all – but maybe its my eyes…

  4. knitwonpurltoo

    Agree with Heide on the dye lots. Slugs. That’s why God gave us cans of near empty beer. Love the door. Your pantry is enviable. Happy Saturday! Wish I could come to Sock Summit. And, everyone will like you, kiddo. You’re a doll!!!

  5. If you start to feel nervous at the sock summit, look for someone that looks lost and frightened, go up and introduce yourself and be kind to her. Thinking about someone else is a great way to distract yourself from your own worries. Remember, there will be women who have traveled across the country by themselves for the first time in their lives. They will be alone in a strange city and they will be relying on the kindness of strangers. I know you are kind.

    I’ll be there Sunday. You are guaranteed a hug and a bushel of approval. And I never laugh at anyone’s knitting unless they knit something funny.

    The dyelot thing is a design element. You could take contrast color yarn and duplicate stitch along the boundary, or pick up and crochet a frill along it, or ignore it really hard, or be a cat and pretend that you intended to do that.

    Slugs are hermaphroditic. That was a bachannalian gene exchange going on there! Wonder if they all fell asleep afterwards, of if one of them went out for cigarettes and never came back, or what?

  6. Rae


  7. Everybody’s gonna love ya! I love your door, your shawl, and your pantry. And I hope something unexpected happens today and that you will love it.

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