Fancy a Hat?

When the weather turns cold (hard to imagine right now) and damp everyone here starts scrounging for hats. Each year I make about a bajillion, but they seem to magically disappear so I have to make more each and every time the seasons turn cold. In the rush to pump out much-needed head gear I usually just grab the first pattern I see or make something up on the fly without worrying about asthetics, etc. Nobody complains about the hats’ appearances because they’re happy to have warm ears. But now, using some seldom-used foresight and planning I’ve decided to knit some winter hats… in the middle of an unprecedented summer heat wave. Without pressures to quickly cover my freezing family I’ve the luxury/burden of chosing patterns based on looks. They need to remain gender neutral, but there are so many choices.
The Seaman’s Cap pattern is my old standby. It’s easy to make, adapts well to color changes and patterns and the cuff folds down to help keep necks warm.


Spinnerette created this pattern for a cabled cap

There is a pattern taken from a World War II era knitting book. There is a helmut version available too.

Then there’s the Utopia hat with it’s lovely cables.

And the simple, yet elegant Mushroom Cap.

The El Hatto Negro uses a simple, yet unconvential stitch that is warmer than the average 1×1 ribbed cap.

The Regular Guy Beanie is direct and simple.

Brooklyn Tweed’s Turn a Square hat looks great with self-patterning yarn or stripes.

And finally, Kelly over at Boho Knits created this pattern!

No, I wouldn’t make the last one for my children, but there are a few adults I know who definitely warrant one of these… if nothing else as a caveat for others to avoid them at all costs.



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5 responses to “Fancy a Hat?

  1. I love that Jacques Cousteau and turn a square. In my summer of knitting socks, everyone has told me how happy I’ll be having done it. Excellent job on the foresight!

  2. Good for you! Hats ahead of the cold snap is a great idea, and the ones you have picked are excellent.

  3. Ah, with the reservoir tip! Very classy. Maybe you could make it ribbed…for her pleasure.

  4. Thanks for the compliments about Cousteau Hat. I’m happy, the pattern is useful for you, but I’d hope that you wouldn’t use my picture, at least with out asking a permission first.

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