For Jackie

When I set out to make a shawl for my sister I knew it had to be something warm. Most of the patterns I found were elegant and lacy. Lace is beautiful, but I was looking for something without lots of holes. I considered just making a blanket, but because she’s a small person who is always active the thought of making her something she’d have to sit under didn’t seem right either. It would be like stuffing a caffeinated squirrel into a pillow case and then watching it try to collect nuts. Finally I decided to just “wing it” and make something up on my own. I did put some lace down towards to edges just to lighten up the pattern a little.

The unfortunate color variations between dye lots left a glaring and hideous line that not only interrupted the pattern, but made the shawl look down right silly. The obvious solution was to dye it a dark color, in this case black. Here’s the before color(s)
Here are some pictures of the blocking process (I needed more room than I’d planned for).


And here are some finished pictures.



Bonny has already given it her Kitty-Ass Stamp of Approval, which is always the final step in finishing anything at our house. The shawl has been placed into the Christmas box. My sister hates computers with the fire of a thousand suns so I’ve no worries of her accidentally seeing this.

If I were to make another I’d continue the columns throughout the entire length of the pattern and forego the reverse stockingnet areas with the pattern. I might also make the edge lace longer. Cheers!



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8 responses to “For Jackie

  1. Love the kitty-ass stamp of approval;-D It is a lovely shawl. You oughta write the pattern and sell it through Ravelry. You have the time, don’t you?

  2. It looks like a manta ray. Much prettier in black!

  3. It looks great in the black!

  4. Lovely shawl! And black definitely suits it. Good job!

  5. Ooohh, look at you go, you pattern designer. Very impressive. And I think it looks better in black – the design seems to pop more. I’m sure your sister will love it and use it all the time.

  6. Maybe it’s the five year old in me, but I’d like to wrap it around my shoulders, take the ends in my hands and spread my arms wide, yelling, “To the bat cave!” Then run screaming through the house!
    But seriously, beautiful knitting! I thought it was a completely different shawl! It looks much better in black.

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