Happy Birthday!

Today A1 officially joins the teenage demographic! I remember vividly when DH and I returned from eating dinner at an Indian restaurant 13 years ago. The tandoori chicken was heavenly, but the extra curry in our vegetables wreaked havoc and caused horrible indigestion. Eventually my husband remarked that my “indigestion” was at regular intervals. A1 was about 1 week overdue at this point and we’d already been to the hospital once and endured an unsuccessful labor induction. Eventually I begrudgingly agreed to go back to the dreaded place. Luckily we had an outstanding OBGYN (Dr. Bayliss). He made sure that this trip wasn’t in vain. Sure enough, the next day we left with a 7 pound 4 ounce baby!

She asked me to forego showing baby pictures this year. Which in my opinion is too bad, because she was an adorable baby who smiled all of the time and had beautiful dimples. She still has her dimples, but she’s now bigger than I am. She loves sports, especially volleyball, gets straight A’s and is one of the most out-going people I’ve ever met. She loves to sing, dance and perform… in front of crowds.


This afternoon we’re all going bowling with some of her friends and then it’s out to pizza for dinner. We’ll have cake and ice cream in the evening when her dad gets home from work.

p.s. I will now have at least one teenaged girl (three at once for a few years) in the house for the next 11 years. Lord help me.



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6 responses to “Happy Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday A1!!!! You are gorgeous. Mom, you have every right to be proud of her. She’s a way cool kiddo. Like you. Have a terrific day!

  2. Grandma and Grandpa

    Amber we are very proud of you. You have a level head on your shoulders and you make smart choices….Hope to see you soon…..Love Grandma and Grandpa

  3. Happy B-day A1.

    BTW, eleven years is a lot of teen-ness. Good luck to DH.

  4. HBTY A1!! Graham was regular interval indigestion both times he tried to show up. At least I knew what it was the second time so when I called the hospital’s emergency number I didn’t have to say I was suffering from rhythmic farts like I did the first time I called!


  5. I had teens for 14 years. If you need a place to hide occasionally, I got extra bedrooms. Or ship one of them here and I’ll put her to work cleaning bunny poop. Happy Birthday A1!

    BTW, I do like teenagers! Wacky weird folk with lots of enthusiasm and laughs in between the drama with mama.

  6. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. And welcome to the world of teen-ness!! I have had teens for 3 years and will have them for 14 more. Lord help! I have enjoyed looking through your blog. Love the knitting! Impressive!

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