In Brief

A1 would like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. The girls all had a great time bowling. Bowling alleys have changed a lot from when I was growing up. Not only are there automated gutter guards for those who want them, but neon flashing lights, music in surround sound, large video screens covering every surface, electronic scoreboards and countless other technological doodads and advances.

The chocolate mocha ice-cream cake wasn’t much to look at, but it turned out yummy. At least it wasn’t Wrecktacular and everything was spelled correctly.

It was nice to have my teenager request balloons and other “childhood” trappings. Kids now days grow up way faster than they used to.

This morning was a two-cup of coffee kind of morning following a mostly sleepless night because I was so excited about Sock Summit. Crowds make me nervous (even fibery-loving people crowds) and driving in Portland is a down right nightmare. I planned to ride to ride the Max from an outlying parking area, but frankly, finding the parking area, getting on the correct train and spending an additional 28 minutes riding it looked more complicated than just driving there. In the end I drove directly to the Convention Center and parked in the underground garage with no problems. My one hour class was Judy’s Magic Cast On. I’d like to publicly announce that Judy is a genius with the patience of a saint. My feeble brain and clumsy hands just couldn’t seem to grasp the concept. Long after everyone else was seated and practicing their new skill I lingered at the front of the class while she showed me, repeatedly, how to start and wrap the stitches. Finally, with less that 10 minutes to go I figured it out. Here again I’d like to point out how patient Judy is. When the purl bumps showed up on the reverse side of my needles (the sign that you’ve executed her cast on correctly) I squealed quite loudly quite close to her ear. And she didn’t even slap or yell at me! Here is Judy posing with my purl bumps.

I met a fellow classmate named Robyn. She came down from Seattle for the weekend and Robyn had knitted a whole pile of these adorable little hats. DSCN7808blog

They were presents for her teachers and she was trading/selling them. The hats are mini versions of the ones that Adam Baldwin’s character, Jayne wore in Firefly.

The convention center itself is full of art displays. This particular one
featured a large, orb-like pendulum that swung back and forth from way up high. It was almost impossible to stand under it looking up and not fall over.

I spent the rest of my time there practicing my new cast on skill and trying to start a toe-up sock. The vendors were busy setting up their wares, but the marketplace didn’t open until 4:30 in the afternoon.
There was no way possible for me to hang around that long because I needed to go pick up groceries and get back to my family. As a result the only items brought home included the lanyard, Jayne hat and brochure.

Tomorrow is the opening day of the county fair and I promised to bring the girls so I won’t be there for the World Record Attempt. Jessica arrives sometime late Friday or early Saturday so I’m going to try and sneak away with her on Saturday. If I don’t make it back to Sock Summit Saturday then I’ll have to wait until Sunday to go shopping. I have a ticket for the Luminary Panel that afternoon. I just hope that there’s yarn left!

On a side note… the staff at the convention center were courteous, but they acted bored. The looks they exchanged with one another while talking and surveying the meager crowd gave me a chuckle. They have no idea what they’re in for when waves of fiber-mad knitters descend upon them tomorrow and Saturday.

Also, prior to my class I darted in to use the bathroom and as I was entering my stall Stephanie was entering the one right next to me. I had my camera. For about a millisecond I considered reaching my hand under the wall to Kinnear her, but the urge came and went quickly. I’ll leave that level of stalking to the paparazzi and not freak the poor woman out.

Now off to wash the dinner dishes and go to bed early. This fast-lane lifestyle is draining.



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7 responses to “In Brief

  1. Oh those convention centre people are in for a BIG surprise!

  2. Yay, for learning a new technique.

    BTW, have you talked to the doctor about a little something to help the nerves with the crowds? I did years ago when certain stars were out of alignment and it was the best decision ever.

  3. Yeah, I guess Kinnearing her in the ‘loo wouldn’t really be nice. And knitters are always nice. 🙂 I’m so glad your class was great – and who cares how long it took you to learn the new technique. The important thing is that you learned it!!

    I’m sure they will save plenty of great yarn for you to peruse when you make it back to the market. I so wish I could come shopping with you. I’ll be there in spirit though!

  4. knitwonpurltoo

    That is so exciting. I’m so happy you got to learn a new cast on. And, you’re going back means more fun and fiber. Have a great weekend, kiddo!!!

  5. Roxie

    I’ll be shopping on Sunday, too. See you there.

    How wonderful that the magic cast on made sense! Blessings on you for your persistance!!

  6. Oh, those devilish impulses! Thanks for the good giggle! Hope you get/got some great shopping time.

  7. How cool to learn that cast on from Judy herself! And how funny about the Harlot in the stall. Isn’t that cast on the greatest? I’ve used it for every single pair of toe-up socks, works every time!

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