It’s not Monday!

Monday turned out to be another one of those “running as fast as I can but can’t keep up and getting nothing done” kind of days.  Chores were left uncompleted,  and other things didn’t quite turn out as planned.  My Dh stayed home sick from work and just having an extra person here seemed to throw me off… it doesn’t take much.  This I Can Has Cheezburger  picture about sums it up.


Nothing tragic happened though and it ended up being a mostly laughable day.

A2 took a picture of my new haircut and hair color (it’s apricot with decidedly pink tints), but not before adding her own personal accessory. For about an hour afterwards I sported a perfect red circle on my forehead! I don’t remember the last time I had a hickey.


Half-arsed attempts to be responsible were interspersed with bits of knitting and spinning.  I’d no desire to pick up size 0 needles and work on the second knee-sock.  Instead I whipped out a quick dishrag, which immediately went to work wiping down counters.


I need to make some more to replenish my dwindling stock.

A few more rows added to the imperceptible growth of the Baby Surprise Jacket.


And on the spinning front I discovered that my callous hands are too rough for handling silk hankies without completely catching on them and tangling the layers.   I bought these at Sock Summit from Red Fish Dyeworks.  They were a steal at only $8.50 for an ounce. I don’t know the colorway though.


(sorry for the foot shot, my photography skills leave much to be desired)

The obvious solution for handling the delicate fibers was to wear gloves. This worked tolerably well and I was able to make some headway.


The plan is to eventually ply the singles with some tussah silk I’ve had for several years. I’ve no idea what I’ll make yet, it depends on the final yardage.  Also, I may dye the tussah a deep rust color prior to plying it.




Well, off to pop in an audio book and attempt to clean.  Cheers!



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5 responses to “It’s not Monday!

  1. Gillian

    Hair looks wonderful and so do you.
    Don’t worry about the other sock yet. Just wear one with a rolled up trouser leg to show it off, and knit an ankle band in matching colours to slip on the other leg between shoes and trousers!
    Cheers Gillian!
    ps please see coffespoons blog to understand about the exclamation mark/s.

  2. I love the colour of the yarn you’re spinning

  3. I understand about the snag with spinning. I work where I have to have gloves on or my hands are in water a lot and this makes my hands crack and peel . . . not good for spinning. The silk looks beautiful.

  4. I am low today, kitten in a towel cheered me up, thanks.

  5. Roxie

    Some days are like that. And still you look bee-you-tee-fool! Fun, fun hair colors!

    Hope your sweetie gets well soon. It’s a bummer to be sick in summer!

    In future, wear the gloves when you’re NOT spinning so hands will be soft and smooth when you DO spin. The silk looks gorgeous! You ROCK!

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