WTF Wednesday

WTF Humor: Laughing at the misfortunes and stupidity of others is terrible , not to mention very mean.  And yet I absolutely love reading the Darwin Awards.  My DH often admonishes me for fostering this evil,  juvenile and tactless behavior… then he joins me for a giggle. The other day he directed my attention to these death statistics displayed at the bottom of  The Darwin Awards’ home page.


For the record, I wasn’t able to locate any actual stories of deaths while knitting… or blogging.

WTF High Tech Tools: I wanted to get the drafting out of the way for spinning my silk hankies, but the problem of them tangling after being separated made this difficult. I tried making little nests out the strands by coiling them around my hand. I also tried laying them out in a flat lines on my bed, but neither one of these ideas worked. Finally I realized that they needed to be wrapped around something to prevent tangling. Ta da!


Here they are, all ready to join their twisted comrades on the fibery merry-go-round.  So far it’s working splendidly.

WTF Knitting: 

Hey, I’ve made the biology frog shown on here before!

WTF Jobs: Today, after the regular chores we’re going to paint A1’s bedroom green. Painting is not fun. Moving furniture is not fun. And as luck would have it, Sven is on vacation.

Happy Wednesday everyone!



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3 responses to “WTF Wednesday

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    I agree, but the end result of painting is wonderful. And, yes, I suffer from Pollyana syndrome. I would love to know about the knitting deaths, too. Happy Wednesday, kiddo!!!

  2. Now if you type in “died in a knitting accident” you get a bunch of blogs asking where and how someone could have died in a knitting accident (referencing the Darwin Awards).

    Sorry I’m not there to help with the painting. The crazy summer is wrapping up quickly and I don’t see a break in the near future. Sigh…

  3. Roxie

    Before and after photos, PLEEEZE? What shade of green? Trim, ascessories? I’m a HG channel addict.

    I, too, love the Darwin awards. I think, if someone says, “Here, hold my beer. I’m gonna try something,” then natural selection is at work. A filter in the gene pool is a good thing.

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