Photo Essay

If a picture is truly worth 1,000 words then here is a novella summing up the past few days.

We’ve made one trip out for school supplies, but upon discovering that A1 is required to have a specific type/brand of calculator that costs $149.99 we decided to hold off until we can check some prices on-line. 

Thebloodberry blackberry bushes tore my hands, arms and legs to shreds.  Those darned things are brutal. Tonight we’ll enjoy vanilla ice cream with blackberry syrup and just a hint of O positive. I’m out of pectin so blackberry jelly will have to wait for the next round to ripen (in a few days). 

Not much else happening, hope everyone is enjoying this fine weekend.


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10 responses to “Photo Essay

  1. The scarf is beautiful… cute frog

  2. We are very familiar with that pricey calculator here at House of Kitkatknit. Good thing though, is that if it’s the one I’m thinking of, should last through college. Unless of course new technology comes out. Or they make them go back to using what I did. Slide rules!!

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    $149? Damn. The blackberries are wonderful, but yes, there is always blood shed for them. Your essay shows that you’ve been very very busy! Happy Sunday!

  4. Rae

    Ouch! We haven’t started Huba’s shopping yet….

  5. I just caught up with your blog posts from my month ‘offline’ ;o) Lovely spinning and knitting and OMG the cat decorating is too funny!!

  6. I’m trying to convince the girls to go out blackberry picking…maybe I’ll have to go out with them. Listening to Ben play with the Teletubbies on They’re making farty noises and he thinks it’s hilarious. It’s a guy thing.

  7. Did you try Amazon for the calculator?

  8. What beautiful berries!!! The scratches will heal, but you’ll enjoy that taste of summer all winter long!

  9. Roxie

    The scarf is Awesome! Freaking awesome!! Put that in the fair next year. It’s blue ribbon work!

    Blood for berries. At least you get to eat them at the end.

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