Totally Tuesday!

Warning, post written in a pre-caffeinated state and may not make sense.

Wow, Monday just flew past. A3 had another eye exam then we had to go shopping for glasses. A1 started volleyball practice and A2 decided to start sewing. The latter of which presented a small problem because she ransacked my previously neatly packed material bins, left a huge mess in the garage, refused to wait for me to help her, then she proceeded to cut, into and destroy several yards of fabric. She wanted to make a stuffed rabbit and the pieces came right out of the middle of some material she liked.  A2 will be cleaning up the mess this morning.  Afterwards I will happily assist her with the quest to create a pink bunny.

I finished another Christmas present. It’s the second version of A Noble Cowl , this time made in Mericash HP 74 and modeled by the rather silly A1 after volleyball.





I did manage to dye some lace weight yarn in the morning before heading out for errands. The yarn was whole and intact when I laid it out on the lawn to dry in the sun. Unfortunately,  this wasn’t the case when I attempted to wrap in onto the umbrella swift. There were 6 breaks in the yarn. It looked like a critter had chewed through the fibers.  I don’t think the dye would have done this, it was standard Jacquard dyes and I used a simple vinegar and water bath for the mordant.  The girls were nowhere near the yarn throughout the process and I definitely don’t have moths in my wardrobe.  The breaks shall remain an annoying mystery.  I like the colors though and in spite of the knots I’ll find a use for it in the future.


This morning I need to make some blackberry jelly, pull out and wash jars for canning (I picked up some pears yesterday) and then hem and take in some clothes. I scored a huge box of work clothes off of Freecycle, but I’m shorter than their previous owner.  My first day of work is on Thursday so I need to get this done.   Cheers!




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4 responses to “Totally Tuesday!

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Damn. You make me tired just reading your post. Love the cowl and the laceweight. Maybe, Esau Marie came and chewed through the yarn. She does that. Have a great day, kiddo!!!

  2. Roxie

    The nails match the cowl! What styling! Stunning work. And the hand-dyed yarn? MINE!!!!!

    Sorry. Sometimes the inner two-year-old gets loose. The yarn is lovely. My favorite colors. Good job!

  3. Beautiful stuff, as always!

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