No Clever Title

Good morning!  As dear Cindy so reliably reminds us, today is FRIDAY!  Today’s agenda includes making two more batches of blackberry jelly, canning pears, baking cookies and a variety of other domestic tasks. Filling the pantry and freezer is satisfying.

Yesterday was a para-educator training session. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing co-workers and catching up on their lives. The extremely concise and informative briefing will require several days of processing as my feeble brain tries to apply what we learned to possible  scenarios and strategies for the students I’ll work with this year. There was one disappointment, but I’m hopeful that environmental and policy changes will alleviate my concerns. I’m thankful to have a job and hopeful that I can provide a positive influence.

Right now several friends of mine have terrible, out of their control, no fault of their own things happening that just plain suck. Not being able to solve the problems or help them is very frustrating.

Last night I pulled out my treasured Cabin Cove Kaliedoscope Silk yarn and cast on a small shawl. I had about 4 inches of a feather and fan pattern going but I frogged that. This yarn is a delight to work with, but so far I’ve not found the perfect pattern to best show off the wonderful colors to their best advantage.


A3 woke up early this morning to work on her ferris wheel that she’s building with her erector set. She has Asperger’s Syndrome, along with her ADHD, and when she becomes focused on a project it’s hard to tempt her away for trivial  things like food, sleep, etc. Being at the beck and call of my own stomach and physical needs I find this behavior alarming, even though it’s typical for those with this disorder. She’s a smart and determined little thing.


At some point today I need to dart down to the post office. Roxy has agreed to give the handicapped yarn  a forever home. I also need to drop off paperwork at one of the girl’s schools and take A1 to volleyball pract ice. Definitely a busy day. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.


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8 responses to “No Clever Title

  1. Wow, that’s a beautiful yarn. I wish I still had some. For that colorful and busy yarn, perhaps a simple pattern because the yarn will overpower almost any nice knitting.
    And Roxie will make something divine out of the (mysteriously snipped) hand dyed yarn.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    I love your yarn, too, but it will tell you what it wants to be. Can you put it somewhere where you can hear it when it whispers? Pretty ambitious. A ferris wheel out of an erector set? Future engineer or architect? I am truly truly impressed. Hope your job is better this year. Last year was a royal suck. Happy weekend, Sweetie!!!!

  3. Lovely yarn!

    Do you find it easy/difficult to manage A3’s symptoms?

  4. I too, in the past, have struggled to find the right fabric for the qualities of silk. I look forward to seeing what the yarn decides. I Cindy!

  5. You have a lot on your plate, more like a banquet.
    I used to Head up a Unit for teenagers with difficulties Aspergers was one of them, in it’s many forms.
    As also the art teacher it was a joy to see what the kids would create, but sometimes I had to whisk one great complex creation away before the next one was started the on top.

  6. Roxie

    DH used to work with a guy who may have Aspergers. He’s the dearest man, retired now. I thought he was just terribly, terribly shy, but the other symptoms apply as well. He was a radio-electronic tech for RCA and spent most of the cold war on a navy spy ship. He has made a comfortable, satisfactory life for himself as an eccentric, harmless, lifetime bachelor. He’s not normal, and he’s ok with that.

    But when you get right down to it, NOBODY is “Normal” and we all have to figure out how to be ok with that.

    I love Erector Sets, too!

  7. Roxie

    PS, for that silk, you might try just a simple mitered shawl. Cast on 4. Inc in first stitch. knit second stitch. place marker. Increase in next stitch, knit last stitch.

    Continue working increases in the first stitch of the row, and the first stitch after the marker. It makes an ever-growing triangle that you can vary with stockinette stitch rows, garter stitch, reverse stockingette and seed stitch as whim dictates. Or you can do the whole thing in stockingette which will maximize that gorgeous yarn, and when you get close to the end of the ball, bind off and work a simple single crochet, chain 3, skip 2, single crochet mesh around the edges till the yarn is alllll gone. I LOVE Dave’s yarn!

    And you are tooo sweet to send that laceweight to me. Bless your generous warm heart!!

  8. Evan

    Very cool!!!

    I have to admit I’ve been reading your blog ever since your hubby linked me to it – we play WoW together and he just learned that I recently took up knitting! I finally visited Twisted after reading your post… and wow am I in love with the place!!!

    Just had to say… seeing your projects is SO inspiring :oD

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