Hearing Protection Recommended

Saturday my DH took all of us to the Hillsboro airshow. He’d been given free admission wristbands and a VIP parking pass at his job.    We were amused that the parking lot attendants directed us to an area that was surrounded by yellow tape.



We finally concluded that the local pd had ran short on yellow tape, not surprising considering that miles of roads, parking lots, etc. surrounding the airfield were blocked off, and that they’d resorted to using anything the correct color .  Either that or they’d endured crime sprees of epic proportions.

A1 and A2 agreed to pose with some RCMPs visiting from up north. 


These fellows were quite jovial considering that they were wearing heavy wool uniforms in the sweltering heat and rain.  Incidentally, it was while taking this picture that I realized that my camera lens wasn’t open all of the way. Doh!

Among the girls’ favorite parts of the show was this giant dinosaur robot thingy.  It roared loudly, breathed flames and tore apart and burned some old cars placed along the runway. 


There were many static displays of aircraft from the past and present. This particular plane is an A-10.  A squadron of these was stationed in Biloxi, MS and I vividly remember them taking off during the early hours and shaking us out of bed.


These weren’t even that loud in comparison to some of the other aircraft.  A Navy F-18 Hornet  performed a series of fly overs and maneuvers that had A3 watching from the ground.


She didn’t want to leave though, as she thoroughly enjoyed watching everything going on in the sky.  Rather than sitting in the seated area we chose an open area cordoned off for the Air Guard.  As a result we weren’t front and center, but we managed to escape much of the jostling and mayhem so it was a fair trade-off.

Once the Thunderbirds started flying though A2 easily convinced her younger sister to stand up and enjoy the show.


These pilots are beyond amazing!  I could watch them fly all day and never tire of it.



I can’t even parallel park!

A group of young people gathered to swear their enlistment oath in unison.  “I state your name…” Hee!


I cast on and tried a fingerless mitt during our outing.


I didn’t like anything about it. Even the 2×2 ribbing looked too busy. I ripped it out and cast on again with a 3×1 rib and stocking net stitch for the hand. It does look much better.  It just feels so plain though.


We’d not been home long before A1’s new friend showed up for a visit. 


He shall henceforth be referred to as “D” . D had recently taken up the dangerous habit of riding his bicycle seven miles to see her.  And it’s not seven miles of country roads with wide shoulders or bicycle lanes, it’s a narrow, two-laned road with absolutely no shoulder and it crosses a major thoroughfare.   He’s a nice young man, but he and A1 will have to suffer the indignity of being taxied to and fro by parents (and younger sisters) from now on.

Today my DH and I are replacing the kitchen sink faucet and taking apart the backyard pool.  While neither of these tasks is as loud as the air show yesterday they’re sure to include the use of unsavory language.  The girls all saved their foam earplugs from yesterday. They may be encouraged to wear them. Cheers!


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6 responses to “Hearing Protection Recommended

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    The air show sounds quite cool. The F-18’s are built here in St. Louis. They used to buzz the road my old office was on. It was so much fun to be driving down the road and see them heading straight for you about 100′ above the ground. Those pilots are daredevils!!! Good luck with your chores, kiddo!

  2. Seven miles each way? That’s some serious puppy love!

  3. What yarn is the no longer a fingerless mitt? I love it! And my parent’s house is the final approach at Buckley Air Force Base (Air National Guard base when I lived there). Always thought something was going to crash in our backyard.

  4. Roxie

    Love the air show, but no longer willing to deal with the post-show traffic. It looks like you had a grand time!

    Your photo of the A10 had me wondering for a moment just how many kids you have.

    D is a hunk. Seven miles on a bike is nothing to a lad in deep smit. And A1 is definitely a girl to be smitten with. Your husband is probably getting out the big club now. Daddy protecting three little delicate blossoms of innocence from those dirty-minded, hormone driven boys. He used to be one of those boys after all.

  5. I suspect B will be interviewing D (and any gentlemen callers that follow) while cleaning his military-issue weaponry in the living room. I’m familiar with those kinds of country roads from my years in WI. No sholders, no traffic lights, and no helmets. Builds character… 🙂

  6. LOL ear plugs for language! I would LOVE to go to an airshow! Its been so many years since I had the pleasure of that. D is very cute – I love how she has her arm arount him ‘buddy style’ and not around his waist like ‘boyfriend’ style… **giggle** She has grown up SO much in the 4 years I have ‘known’ you…. how time flys……

    I wanted to thank you my dear for your thoughts, prayers and support for my family. Things seem less dark now, its just a matter of moving on. Its truely heart wrenching and gut stabbing to know that we wont be doing what we love much longer. BUT, there is somthing better – I can feel it!!

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