Back To School Shopping

I took the girls school clothes shopping yesterday. The experience was relatively painless until we reached the cash register. A1 could be trusted to shop solo then meet up with her selections for the final mom stamp of approval. A2 chose clothes in blues and blacks. Although some of her dark clothes were decidedly more feminine than those from past years. A3 needed the most supervision and weeding out the riotous, eclectic selection she’d tossed haphazardly into the cart into organized outfits took some time.  At some point I also returned my hair to a more dignified, shade of brown, without the pinkish colored stripes.


In addition to clothes shopping we had a post office trip, a drive to the insurance agents for paperwork completion, volleyball practice and a trip to the eyeglass store to pick up A3’s new glasses. She was excited about wearing them for several hours but then she decided she’d had enough. She handed me back both pairs and asked if she could take the eye test again. “I only missed one letter on the test mom, maybe I’ll get it right this time.”

Tonight we meet their teachers and then tomorrow we’re officially off and running. I’ve still not hemmed any of my work pants, ordered prescription refills,  typed the menus and morning schedules or about a billion other things.  

An executive decision, seconded by Bonny, led to a downgrading  in the knitting project department.  Anything requiring actual thought or counting with more than one hand has been retired to the wardrobe for several weeks (or longer).  Miscellaneous worsted weight and some simple hat patterns now reside in the basket should therapeutic knitting be in order.

image0020Gotta run now. Cheers!



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6 responses to “Back To School Shopping

  1. Gillian

    You have to hem your trousers. I have to un-hem mine. I bet we both complain about the length of everything!!!
    Cheers Gillian

  2. You’ll feel better if you get those pants hemmed. There’s something about having clothes for work that helps you feel more organized. End of lecture. I love A3’s new glasses and her request to retake the eye exam cracked me up. I’ve worn glasses since 5th grade and carried them with me throughout my entire school years thereafter. I sympathize!

  3. Agreeing with CindyCindy.

  4. A3 is absolutely priceless!
    Hugs to all–welcome back to the roller coaster. Please keep your arms, legs, head and anything else you don’t want to lose, inside the ride at all times.

  5. Man I’m glad I’ve stuck to cats instead of kids… knitting plan sounds like a good one.

  6. Roxie

    Yeah, I’m with Valerie. You don’t need to buy school clothes for cats, so that’s more money to spend on yarn. And mindless knitting is perfect. You’ll probably need just a littlepro-active therapy every day.

    Pretty hair!

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