WTF Wednesday

WTF Slugs: I have NEVER seen more slugs in my life. Having grown up and spent most of my adult life on the western side of Washington State I’m no stranger to the slimy critters, but dang nabbit, they’re getting bigger and multiplying at scary rates.   Every morning we (meaning I) de-slug our back porch. Cat food set out for DC  (neighbor kitty who comes for breakfast) is a big magnet for them, however, they invade whether or not food is available.


WTF Runaway: Several nights ago we noticed that Tasha was missing when we did a bed check. She often curls up in out of the way, small places so we assumed that she was hiding out and enjoying her private time. The next morning she failed to show up for her Kitchen Banshee routine. Normally it works something like this: someone stumbles into the kitchen to start the coffee pot and she stealthily follows them in and plants her little kitty self directly behind where the person is standing. Because we’ve grown to expect this behavior we usually check behind us to avoid tripping over her. Then Tasha turns on the vocals. She’s part Siamese and her concertos echo loudly off the cupboards. If she’s ignored then the volume raises to ear-splitting levels, hence her moniker as the Kitchen Banshee. Sometimes breakfast is enough to quiet her down, sometimes not. Anyway, when she failed to put in an appearance I started to worry. I checked the garage, the back yard, the porches, the hedge in the front yard and every nook and cranny in the house. Morbid as it sounds I even checked the yard for bits of fur, etc. that might have indicated a run in with a raccoon or coyote.

By evening the girls and I decided to expand our search to the neighborhood. When we knocked on the first door A2 described Tasha and asked the boy who answered the door if he’d seen her. The dad, hearing voices, came to the door so A2 repeated what she’d said. He started asking questions about Tasha regarding her markings, etc. He sounded slightly suspicious of her description so finally I stepped forward and told him that she was extremely thin and had vision troubles due to advanced age. Upon hearing this he hesitated and then said that yes, she was there. She had shown up the night before on their back porch. Because she’s so skinny they thought that someone had abandoned her so they made her a bed and brought her food. She’d spent the night and then stayed throughout the day on her cushion. The family was very reluctant to let us see her. They took us through the house to their back porch, but I don’t think they believed our story that she is well-fed and receives regular vet visits. Finally I walked past them (they were standing between us and Tasha) picked her up, thanked them for watching her and told A2 it was time to bring OUR kitty home. As we were walking out one of the little boys asked, “Where are they taking our new cat?” The dad told him that the cat really belonged to us.

Once home we gave Tasha some dinner, combed her out and loved on her profusely. And all be darned if that old lady didn’t walk over to the front door and start wailing to go out. We were treated to quite the opera in her loudest banshee voice, all the while her little head was pointing in the exact direction of the house where she’d stayed. Everyone here has been given strict instructions to keep her inside so she doesn’t head back to the other family. I don’t know if they’d give her back if she showed up there again. Traitorous feline.

WTF Jumping Toy: The companies who rent out the inflatable yard toys have really branched out from the original bouncy castles. They now have complete jungle gyms with palm trees and rope ladders. Some of the blow up structures are shaped like animals with giant slides coming out of their mouths. Others feature interactive stations where people can play games or challenge their friends in mock combat. The new ways to entertain children (and some adults) gets more and more creative. It was only a matter of time before creativity crossed the line into tacky/morbid. While walking through the air show we spotted this inflatable slide set up like the sinking Titanic.


People climb up a ladder on one side then slide down the deck on the other where they land among the inflatable icebergs at the bottom.  They did a rather half-arsed job if you ask me though.  What’s a good disaster scene if you don’t have a few inflatable bodies… or at least an empty lifeboat.

WTF Life Choices: So, according to the news reports a certain family is excited to be expecting their 19th child.  Holy cow!  From what I gather their existing 18 children are well cared for. Even so, I wonder if they’d ever consider adopting or fostering  kids who need homes.  I find a degree of hypocrisy in the fact that this family doesn’t let their own children watch t.v., yet they receive money by being featured on a television show and for making talk show appearances.   I don’t think they’re Catholic, but who can resist the opportunity to add a little Monty Python for levity.



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7 responses to “WTF Wednesday

  1. The family in question is actually a Southern sect of Christianity who normally home-churches. They also home-school, and have no debt; they do a lot of thrift-store shopping and garage sales–my kind of people! I’m a little awed by this since it costs them our family income just in FOOD every month. The TV money helps pay for the giant house they need to shelter all these people and the bus to drive them around, I guess. At least they’re not having a public affair and divorce while the 8 kids at home watch it on TV.

  2. Roxie

    She’s having her 19th child at age 42. I keep trying to wrap my mind around this. She’s been changing diapers non-stop for at least half of her life. She must have a pelvis like a coal shute. Good luck to her and all her family.

    The bouncy Titanic is a kick! And you’re right – at least add a life boat somewhere. One with a guy that won’t let you get in it.

    Tasha is the pluperfect femme feline. “Ooo, now they’re going to fight over me! I’m SOOoooo wonderful!”

    As long as it’s dry, you could surround the cat food with salt or fireplace ash. The salt, of course, kills the slimy buggers. The fireplace ash (or barbecue ash) gums up their travel slime. Die, you little creeps! DIE!

  3. I’m with you about the 19 kids. WTF? Snails are ick. I really do not care for them at all. And, Ms. Tasha? What a diva? I loved it, but how humiliating with the neighbors. I would have been embarassed, but furious that they were so reluctant. Obviously, she’s an old cat. Sheesh!

  4. Nah, they aren’t with us. And I do agree with your observations on television…

  5. chillsider

    Cats have no conscience. Ours is utterly disdainful. Locally a part Siamese cat called Misty has gone AWOL, the owners are distraught, posters everywhere; I suspect he is ensconced somewhere on someone elses sofa.

  6. The Meaning of Life!! My friend Kerrie just last week was reciting the whole screen play because she thinks it has better classic lines than Life of Brian.

  7. Gillian

    I was fearful of reading your post too fast in case it was a tale of how the giant slugs had got poor Tasha! Sorry, nothing poor about her….ungrateful little bundle of fur soon to be renamed “Thankless Task”.
    I had forgotten how large slugs can grow in a moist climate till I returned here from dry old oz.
    As for the children….as a no-birther, I’m just glad that someone is doing my share!
    Cheers Gillian

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