Six Days… Really?

What a neglectful blogger! Work is off to a promising, albeit tiring start. I’m working with some wonderful children who make work absolutely delightful. We’re still juggling sports, school conferences, pick-ups and drop-offs, but eventually everything should settle into place. My poor little DH is suffering from terrible shoulder pain and he’s not been able to sleep for several nights now. He’s had this happen before, but never to this extent. Hopefully he can take some medical leave and see a doctor this week. I’ve been knitting some plain socks and hats over the past week. A2 requested that I knit parts for her Halloween costume so I’ve started that as well, but I’ve no pictures to share because my pc is misbehaving. Maybe I’ll have time to fire up the laptop later… or not. I have parent meetings after school for the next two nights. Cheers!



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7 responses to “Six Days… Really?

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Busy girl. Take care and thanks for checking in.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    P.S. Hope hubby gets better fast!

  3. All the children in your life are lucky to have you and your [knitting needles] around.

  4. Good luck with the meetings and get well, DH.

  5. HEY! Sure have missed you these last few day! Thought maybe you feel off the knitting wagon.. *snicker*

  6. Roxie

    Poor DH. Sympathy and good thoughts.

    Best wishes for the meetings.

    And let’s try to get through the year without catching any flu. Deal?

  7. Hey…you still there?? Haven’t seen anything new posted. Hope you didn’t get whatever DH had. Hugs to you and the girls, and the kitties….and Brian. 🙂

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