Hamsters, a Vest and a Living Out of a Mini Van

Have you ever seen a hamster running so fast on his wheel that the wheel flips completely around with the hamster clinging desperately to the bars as he goes arse over ears and is left wondering what in the world just happened? The bad news is, I’m that hamster. The good news is, that like the hamster, I’m right back where I started and not much worse for wear. In addition to my own three little darlings I have two extra young people (they all despise being refered to as children) both before and after school. All five of the kidlets get along pretty well (A1 and A2 have always bickered) and they are very sweet, but I’m still whooped. It’s wonderful to be back to work full-time again… it will be even better once I get my first paycheck for the school year. Anyway, most days fly by in a frenzy of cooking breakfast, packing lunches, laying out clothes, getting myself ready for work, packing up two of the kids and making it out the door before 7:00 am (we don’t always make it). My dear, DH is left to get the other three gathered up and on the bus before he heads off to work. After work it’s a mad dash home to make after-school snacks, get kids off the bus, start homework pack up four tired kids drive over to pick up A1 (plus another friend) from volleyball, get back home, feed kids, do laundry, help with homework and get everyone ready for bed. Add a raging headcold/sinus infection to the mix and it’s just about more excitement than I can bear. We seem to live in the van. The poor kitties are feeling quite abandoned and both of them take every opportunity to glean attention when ever and where ever possible. I can scarcely sit down without one of them jumping aboard.


Today was a particularly crazy afternoon because I had to pick up three youngin’s early and dart over to watch a A1’s Volleyball game. Her team won 2 out of 3 and her serves rocked. She scored 10 points in a row during the second match. She’s number 10 in this picture.


All the way home I couldn’t think of anything except medicine, a hot bath and bed. As I dragged my sorry arse out of the van and towards the house the lone boy among the kids shouted out that he’d found a package. I’d ordered a clarinet for A2, but it wasn’t expected for another day or so. The origins and contents of the package were a mystery. Then I read the label and, Ohmygodit’sapackagefromRoxyandit’sgotmynameonit! Holy crap, talk about breathing new life into a corpse. I skipped and danced into the house, found the nearest pair of scissors and tore into it. Inside was a rather unusual glove for my DH, some nail polish that changes color in the sunlight, a wonderful card aaaannndd! A gorgeous knitted vest. I’ve not been online for days so I had no idea that this was coming. If I had been current with my blog reading then I would have known this lovely garment was on the way.


The vest fits perfectly and I’m wearing it to work tomorrow. Thank you so much! I didn’t even recognize that Roxy had used the yarn that I dyed last month and sent to her because I had no idea what to make with it.


She's a genius! It fits perfectly and adding the boucle to the lace hid all of the breaks.

On to the glove…I didn't notice just how "special" the glove was until one of the girls pointed out the extra appendage. My DH is going to flip over it as he flips people off with his sixth finger! He wasn't home for the modeling shot.


The girls immediately ran outside, painted their nails and reported back with successful results.

The only knitting I’ve done during the past month has been on small items. I’ve added a few hats to the Christmas box and I’m currently making cat hats for A2 and A3 to wear on Halloween.

I’ve mostly finished a Baby Surprise Jacket (the baby shower was this past Wednesday).
A2 also turned 11 last week, in spite of orders to stop growing up so fast.
She chose a RipStick for her birthday present. The board rests on two single wheels positioned under the center of each panel. She’s pretty good on it, but even so she’s lost quite a bit of skin
There’s not a lot else to report because I’m officially brain dead and can’t think. Another three weeks of crazy, then hopefully we won’t have to spend quite so much time in the van. Even the kids are starting to lose it.




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10 responses to “Hamsters, a Vest and a Living Out of a Mini Van

  1. Are there fresh skittles in the seats of the van?? If so drive down to OFFF and meet us on Saturday. Don’t worry about money. We don’t have any either. Just enough for gas.

  2. It was great to see that you’re all still alive & well down south–I’ve missed your odd rantings and clever insights! We’ve been running 100 mph here, too…I figured out that I easily put 30 miles on the car every day, and there is no end to weird errands I have to run. Emissions test on the van. The brakes are squeaking *again* (just had them fixed earlier this summer). And the whole nonsense with the school medications…gahh! Crap. Just remembered one more thing I have to do. Love ya, K

  3. Roxie

    OOOoo, that vest looks HOT! Turned out just the way I wanted! So glad everything fits and pleases. You DESERVE a few smiles!!

    • Roxy, thank you so very much. It is truly amazing. Did you make the pattern up or is it something I can find on the internet? I really, really want to make some more. The way the collar joins and turns out is genius. Brian really loves the glove and he needed a laugh in the worst way. Gotta get back to that hamster wheel. Heide

      • Roxie

        I made it up. Or rather, it sorta made itself up as I worked on it. I’ll draw a schematic and send it to you.

        The photos of the girls in the van are hilarious. they are so lucky to have a laughing mother!

  4. knitwonpurltoo

    Well, wild woman, you are busy out there. I love the glove and the vest fits fabulously. What neat gifts. The girls are growing up so fast. How did that happen? Hugs from me to you and yours and scritches for Tasha and Bonny.

  5. chillsider

    Glad to see you back, keep spinning xx

  6. Hope your sinus infection clears soon. They tend to hang on for ages, don’t they?

    I’m thinking that maybe I shouldn’t feel as overwhelmed as I have been because your days sound even fuller than mine.

  7. Gillian

    The trouble with “rare” blogging is that there is so much to say when you get back on. And now I’ve forgotten what I was going to say!!!!
    Cheers to you all Gillian

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