Slumber Party Weekend

Friday both A1 and I stayed home sick then on Saturday the whole family woke up early to prepare for A2’s belated birthday party.   She chose to only invite four girls over so activities were kept simple and informal.  Appropriately, we chose an “Autumn” theme. The girls painted mini-pumpkins to welcome the season. 


The giggling, teeming, pre-hormonal mob couldn’t decide if they wanted to play indoors or outside.  Twister and Badminton were the sports of choice.


After pizza the girls decorated cupcakes. This little activity proved to be a rare stroke of genius on my part. Not only did it eliminate my worries about contaminating their food, it delighted them with sugary creativity.


In addition to these festive confections the girls also made carmeled apples. They were bouncing off the walls and dancing on the ceiling by bedtime.


Did I mention it was a “Slumber” party. That particular adjective seemed to escape the notice of the pre-teen hoard. The girls tee-heed and acted silly until after 2:00 am. Then, they woke up at 6:00 am.  All children not issued from my flesh left the premises by 11:00 am.  Thank heavens. image0005

Everyone had a good time and only one child had got homesick and needed her mom to come get her.


Bonny and my DH both hid throughout the duration.  Tasha is normally a “people” cat, but by 9:00 Saturday night even she’d had her fill of attention. We found a quiet place and lamented the youth of today while sharing potato chips.


After the guests left on Sunday we set the house to rights then I finished another hat.

Luckily A1 and I are healthy enough to return to school/work tomorrow.  I must say that my job is far less stressful this year than it was last year, but I miss the smart-ass quips from some co-workers.  Oregon Flock and Fiber was this weekend. I’d have loved to go, but as I can’t afford to buy anything it was probably better to have avoided temptation.  Hopefully all who went  had a wonderful time and they’ll share pictures and stories of their new acquisitions, sightings, etc.  Hope everyone has a spectacular week.



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6 responses to “Slumber Party Weekend

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Looks like the girls had a good time. You and Tasha had quality time, too. You have a good week, too.

  2. Roxie

    I would have been with Bonnie and DH. Giggling till two Ay Em? Groan! You are a hero!!

  3. Hosting a sleepover?! You *are* a hero!

  4. Oh I remember my sleep-over days…. and no, they didn’t involve much sleeping… at least until I got back home!

  5. Sounds like you and I had very similar weekends!

  6. Gillian

    I can’t believe that someone has that much clean floorspace! You are a greater wonderwoman than I thought.
    Cheers Gillian

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