Button, Button

Well dang it all anyway. I’ve still not found “The” buttons to finish off the BSJ.  I searched through my button bin and found some that would work, but quite frankly, they look BORING.


I’m torn between wanting to get the sweater to the recipient before her child is in college and having it look like I want it to.

Surprisingly enough, my youngest daughter, who is quite flamboyant in her wardrobe choices, thinks that the most austere buttons look great.  Four varieties of blue buttons looked no better though.


(the top button here is also black, but the flash makes it look blue)

Maybe I can find time to run out to a fabric store sometime this week and pick something up. If not then I’ll go with the severe, institutional look.

Yesterday at work the staff room table had bins with books “Free to a good home”.  I don’t know if we’re technically a “Good home”, but my girls and I all love to read so I grabbed a few.  There was even a sock knitting booklet.image0009

Today A2 has a field trip to a local bird sanctuary and this afternoon A1 has another home  volleyball game. Unfortunately I can’t attend either event. My DH hasn’t seen A1 play yet, but he’s not sure if he can take time off from work.  Today’s forecast is for cold, rainy and windy conditions so I need to find a pair of boots that will fit A2 before I head in to work.

Speaking of work, one of the students I work with has requested that I make him a stocking hat.  He’s quite insistent really. And he wants it to be black and yellow to match Bumblebee from Transformers. The project has now been placed near the top o f my “To Knit” list.  Hope everyone has a Terrific Tuesday!



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4 responses to “Button, Button

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Busy, busy, busy! My Lord woman! You make me tired just reading your blog.

  2. I found, but did not buy, that same sock booklet at one of our local antique shops last week! You got cold, rainy and windy today? We only got a wee bit of the windy.

  3. Weather’s getting chilly here, too.

    Great scores on the buttons and books – and I like the buttons.

  4. Roxie

    You could make buttons out of Fimo. Mold them on the bottom of a fancy glass or dish – or layer some fun colors together and slice them or mold little marbelized balls and squash them a bit , or do whatever you do with clay. . . then poke a nail through them in a couple of places and let them dry or bake them or whatever you do with fimo.

    Or spray paint the buttons you have.

    Or go shopping for buttons. That’s always fun.

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