WTF Wednesday

Whoo, hoo, time for the weekly snark session!

WTF Comfortable?  I swear my youngest daughter has rubber joints.  I’ve seen this girl contort herself into the most obscure and warped positions… many of which shouldn’t even be possible with the human body.  I tried to take a sneaky, flashless picture (hence the blurr) of her “comfortably” watching television. 


She will never be allowed to date.

WTF Deserving:  Am I the only one who thinks this bull in this story  should have been given a pardon? 

WTF Ungrateful:  I love Freecycle!  Each morning I eagerly skim through the “Offer” and “Wanted” postings in my inbox hoping to see the following, “Offer: Weaving Loom, free to good home, comes warped with lessons” or “Wanted: The stained clothes and  broken toys piled up in your garage.”  Of course these messages never appear, but several weeks ago this one did, “Offer: Big lot of quality, clean yarn.”  I could barely remember “qwerty” in my haste to reply.   Score! I was the first to reply so the donor called me with directions for pick up. She was very sweet and told me that she never knitted or crocheted any more and that the box was quite large.   OMG!  I threw one of the girls in the van with me and speeded across town to pick it up.  As with most Freecycle transactions, the items were left in a specified corner of the yard with no actual face-to-face contact.  Most people prefer this.  We pulled up, spotted the box, I loaded it up and we drove away. 

Several blocks later the smell hit us.  I had no idea that Philip Morris  produced yarn.  If I’d been smart I would have found the nearest dumpster and tossed the whole thing in sight unseen… but I’m not smart. I told myself, and my complaining daughter, that there might be some really nice yarn inside and could always air the cigarette smell out. At this point hopes of it being quiviet or cashmere sock yarn were pretty dim, but I still held out hope for some quality wool blends.  It wasn’t.  Here is a sample of what the box contained.


You guessed it! Crappy acrylic in retina searing colors. The box was full of it.  I’ve always wondered just why this particular shade of red was invented and for heaven’s sake, who buys it.  Now I know the answer to the latter. To make sure I wasn’t over looking something salvageable I sorted through the entire box.  Nothing but the finest Virgin Acrylics graced the box. 


Obviously this isn’t yarn that I’d choose to spend my knitting time with. I’d pass it on to the local senior center except that the cigarette smoke smell is so strong that it may make some of the people sick.  The lady who gave me this was so nice on the phone. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings so in my “Received” email all I could think to say was, “Thank you, it was left right where you said it would be and there is indeed a lot of yarn.”   

Yes, I’m an ungrateful snob and I feel guilty for being so. 

Does anybody want some yarn? It’s free and there’s a lot of it!



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6 responses to “WTF Wednesday

  1. Wow, that red is hard to look at!

  2. britt

    I just got rid of a ton of acrylic yarn through freecycle. Mine was a response to a wanted ad for yarn and I double checked that they really wanted my craptastical acrylic. They did. I think that accounted for half my stash.
    You can always stick it on craigslist or you can just trash it? Good luck 😉

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    OK. You are not ungrateful if it smelled like smoke. And, really, do you know how hard it is to FIND a virgin acrylic?? Keep that label. Toss everything else;-D

  4. RAE

    You can put it in plastic bags with dryer sheets and it should pull most of the smoke smell out – then it would be donatable!

  5. If I could get rid of the smell I might satisfy my demented squirrel urges [not to throw any nuts away] by crocheting a quick doggy blanket out of it, for the cats. I believe/ think? they can’t see colour.

  6. I’d take the labels off and soak it in baking soda and water. Or vinegar & water. Or Chanel #5.

    Or just bag it up and Freecycle it as “Tobacco-scented acrylic yarn in retina-searing colors”.

    I’m a few days behind on my blogging and reading. Hope you’re all well. Hugs, K

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