Hoarder or not?

Yesterday a co-worker pointed out some character traits of mine that are impossible to deny. I don’t know if there is a single word that sums them all up. Hoarder comes close, but control freak and worrier also play major roles. I suffer from an overwhelming desire to feed and take care of anything and everything that wanders into the neighborhood, be it human or animal. I’ve no desire to adopt 20 cats… yet. Not only do I fret daily over the whereabouts and safety of my girls, but I worry about their friends, the children I work with, co-workers, blogging friends, extended family, etc. Can mothering be an obsession? If so then I have it in spades. Having A2 away this week is keeping me up nights. I know she’s fine and probably having the time of her life, but I have a hard time getting past seeing this in my mind when I think of her.

I hope she’s brushing her teeth and is warm enough at night. Maybe if I go bake something I’ll feel better. Cheers!



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4 responses to “Hoarder or not?

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Of course you’re worried. She’s your baby and she is still a child. You never stop worrying about your kids. My nieces are 23 and 27 and I still worry about them. It’s in the job description you never get;-P

  2. RAE

    We always miss and worry about them! It’s natural…. if you don’t…. you shouldn’t have them. You are a wonderful mother. Your girls are very lucky to have you mother henning them through life!

  3. Roxie

    Breathe in. Breathe out. If she’s happy to be out on her own, even for a week at camp, then you have done your job well. They will all grow up and leave home, make mistakes, suffer heartbreak, survive it, and become stronger, better women because of it. You are raising people who will be grownups and good citizens.

    Yeah, yeah, I’m talking to myself here. Your heart wants to comfort, cuddle and protect them from every sort of suffering. All I can do for your heart is send hugs and sympathy. The mom job just ain’t easy.

  4. Emma went off to camp last year. Maybe I’m the bad mom, but I knew she was in good hands and didn’t think much about it. Except noticing that it was awfully quiet in the house without the girls constantly arguing. 🙂

    Cute picture of A2…it’s hard to believe they were that small once.

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