WTF Wednesday

This sorry excuse for a WTF Wednesday directly relates to the fact that I’ve done little except go to work, get groceries or stay at home this past week. Even computer time has been usurped by kids doing homework and me wasting time playing silly, pointless games. With that being said, I shall press on.

WTF Retail: We usually shop at Fred Meyers because it is near our home, it’s clean and the prices are lower than those of Safeway and Albertsons. This week my eldest and I parked at the non-grocery end of the store and entered at the opposite end of where we usually shop. Upon entering we were met with a huge display of Snuggies, which incidentally are on sale for $12.99 each. Many of us, myself included, have made fun of these. But holy cow! Business must be booming because they have them now in designer colors, kid’s versions and there are even Snuggies for dogs. There are patterns online to make your own, but fleece is so expensive that it would be cheaper to just hang your head in shame and buy one. I imagine it would be akin to buying feminine hygiene products. They’re nothing to be ashamed about, yet I always want the clerk to scan them quickly, put them in a bag and not do any price checking, etc. I’ll pay whatever price pops up on the register, thank you very much. Anyway, notice there isn’t a Snuggie for cats? My guess is that the market researchers who tested the prototypes drew back bloodied stumps from angry kitties.

Anyway, right there next to the Snuggies was a Chia Pet display. Um, do you know anybody who actually owns and uses one of these? They’re pointless and yet they’ve been around since 1982. Even die hard sprout fans can’t use them because the box says the resulting foilage is not fit for human consumption. I don’t know exactly why, but suspicions of the clay containing lead and other nasty things come to mind. Sorry, back to the point. There is now a Barack Obama Chia Pet.
Oh holy! Is this an honor? It certainly isn’t a flattering likeness. Does the president get royalties? Does he have one in the Oval Office?
I always thought that the Chia Pet company should make a pottery ass that sprouts hairs. Or maybe a gross guy with a hairy back.

WTF Addams Family: Yesterday my youngest daughter decided to add some more Halloween decorations to the front of our house. I helped her put the cobwebs (which we’ll be pulling off of the house and out of the trees for years to come) on the higher places then she attached them to the ground, lower bushes and spread them out.
DSCN8104blogShe even added a few special touches here and there on her own.
Yes, that is Barbie.
Ken fared no better.
WTF Animals: Yesterday Tasha made a beeline for where A3 and I were enjoying a rather unhealthy snack of Cool Ranch Doritos. The old kitty darned near took your fingers off if they got too near where she was eating. What a strange critter.

Hope you all have a wildly wonderful Wednesday. Don’t forget to laugh today.



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7 responses to “WTF Wednesday

  1. House looks great! I had a cat who used to climb into the bag to get a hold of some Doritos

  2. Nope, chia pets have been around since at least the early 70’s. “Everyone” had them in their dorm rooms.

  3. Roxie

    The new chias are just offensive. Chia George Washington, Chia Abe Lincoln, Chia Barak Obama, and Chia statue of liberty. And the worst part is, you can’t even use them for target practice. At least the chia dog made a satisfying shatter.

    A3 is brilliant and I love her sweetly twisted humor. Barbie and Ken in the spider webs – yes!

  4. Some days, it is a miracle we get the regular stuff done let alone the fun stuff – like blogging. Sorry I’ve been MIA – been overwhelmed with the back to school season.

    PS – Chia Pets are a sad reminder of the 70s.

  5. knitwonpurltoo

    I agree with you. My BSIL received a Snuggle from her Mom for her birthday this year. I had to look away so that I couldn’t catch her eye. We both would have ended up on the floor;-D I love the house and Barbie and Ken as spiderbait!!!

  6. My kids watch cartoons and occasionally they’ll have commercials for things like the Snuggie. I explained to them that we *don’t* need one–you just put your bathrobe on backwards. I loved the youtube link you sent out before. FUNNY!
    Hugs, K

  7. link to the wtf blanket for dog

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