I didn’t finish A2’s Halloween cat ears on Sunday due to multiple distractions. First, the girls came bounding into the house very excited and shouting out the news that DC had been shaved.  DC is our neighbor kitty who had some matting problems. He looks quite handsome with his new lion cut.  Now I want to knit him a little sweater to keep the chill away.


While outside I ventured over to the area that was a garden several years back.  Now that the thistles have started dying back I was able to hack a trail into the jungle.  I’d forgotten about planting garlic last fall. Even with a year of neglect some of it managed to survive.  This is amazing considering we had record breaking heat waves this summer and nothing was watered.


The cloves were quite small, but there should be enough to plant for next year.   I just need some napalm and heavy equipment to restore the garden area to a civilized state first.


The spiders seemed to enjoy the people-free area. There were tons of the critters.  This one in particular was fat and huge.  I don’t mind them when they’re outside and not on me.


The afternoon baking session yielded enough to get us through this week. . . hopefully.  There were five loaves of banana bread, two pumpkin pies and two pans of chocolate chip cookies.  It’s Tuesday morning and the current stats are 1/2 of a pumpkin pie, 3 loaves of banana bread and about 1/2 a pan of the cookies (hard to tell because they’re in a sealed container).    Of course A3 has only eaten a slice of the banana bread, so that means the rest of us are complete gluttons.


I stopped by A3’s school again yesterday and spoke with some people there. They are going to meet this morning and discuss plans to help her. Hooray. The staff there are very nice people, and I’ve no complaints against them individually.  I’m just frustrated at the general hesitancy to accomodate my daughter’s needs.  In the meantime we’re discussing medication options and she is only getting a half dosage on school days and none on weekends.

Monday afternoon I finally knitted the cat ears for A2 and now the pieces need to be sewn together and attached to the hat.  Some single socks have been pulled from their sack of shame and my next task is to make mates for them all.  Tonight is A1’s last volleyball game and there is a celebratory dinner for all of the families following the teams’ returns to the school (away game). Unfortunately this means a late night.  I’ve enjoyed going to bed between 8 and 9. Sleep interruptions of any sort are unwelcome, but this is a special occasion. Hope everyone is keeping warm and wearing lots of woolies. Cheers!



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5 responses to “Random

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    DC looks like a kitten. I didn’t recognize him. I wish you could get things straightened out for A3 and her meds. Poor baby and poor mama. Your baked goods look beyond yummy. And, we are not speaking of gardens until spring;-P

  2. RAE

    How do you do it all? You are so remarkable in all of your household accomplishments (baking)

  3. Only napalm? My back garden needs a dose of agent orange.

  4. Roxie

    For the garden, not toxic chemicals – just a couple of goats.

    Lovely spider pic!

    Awesome baking. Hope A3 continues to eat. Bless her little belly.

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