Just a quick post to update y’all on some changes. We’ve cancelled our land-line phone service and will be only using our cell phones from now on. If you need the new numbers please email me. We also cancelled our cable, much to the horror and dismay of my daughters. They spent this last weekend soaking up as much televised crap as their little brains could soak in. The past several days we’ve been searching for Tasha, but hope is dwindling that we’ll find her alive. Not only was her health spiraling downward, but during these last few months she’d taken to wandering about and not coming home without help. We tried keeping her inside, but she has an uncanny ability of slipping out. A2 is taking this especially hard and she cried herself to sleep last night. I hate not knowing where she is in case she’s some place hurt, cold or hungry. A1 and A3 are staying home from school today because they’re sick. My Dh will stay and take care of them. No new knitting, etc.



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11 responses to “Changes

  1. I don’t have cable and haven’t had it for about a year. You get used to it pretty quick and it’s nice. There are so many other ways to fill the time.
    I’m sorry to hear about the kitty. I hope she’s okay

  2. Poor Tasha–I know she’s about 100 years old in kitty years, but I hope that wherever she is, she’s not in pain. Hugs to all the girls–hope they get well soon. And I hope that you’re able to get back to your knitting again soon. Gotta go chase the kids out to the car for school. Love, K

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    I hope and pray that you get closure with Tasha. Your babies need it, as do you. There are things worse than being without cable. I will be finding out soon myself. I’m sorry the kiddles are sick, but thank heavens hubby can help out!!! Take care, kiddo.

  4. My heart goes out to Tasha, and hope she’ll be found soon.
    As for the phone, I had my land line removed 4 years ago and never looked back. We want to ween ourselves from cable, and that may happen sooner than later. Good for you!

  5. So sorry about Tasha. Hope you hear about her soon. Hugs for her, and for all of you.

  6. Luckily, can provide you with links to things to watch on the computer. Netflix is also a great thing! Good luck–let us know if you find out anything about Miss Tasha. Hugs, K

    • Thank you. Autumn and I drove all around last night and posted flyers. We also went to the Humane Society (always heartbreaking) but we couldn’t find her. Of course the torrential rains mean that the posters are now probably soggy and useless. Ashley is very sick. I don’t want to go to work today. Brian has the day off to be with her, but she just looks terrible and I think she’s getting dehydrated. I’ve got to run, Amber needs help printing something for school today.

  7. Roxie

    Oh Sweetie, what a crappy time for you! Prayers for Ashley, for Tasha, and for all of you.

    We haven’t had a land line for two years. I do want to get a hand-crank cellphone charger, though, for power failures.

    Didn’t we both grow up without cable? Didn’t we survive? Give them coloring books for Christmas.

  8. Oh, my, sorry about the kitty.

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