Sorry for the lack of posting, but we’ve been quite preoccupied. A3’s flu has developed into pneumonia and the poor little kidlet isn’t feel well at all. There are still no signs of Tasha. We believe that she either fell asleep under the bushes in someone’s yard and never woke up or that the coyotes or raccoons got her. Hopefully the former is true and she’ll be located soon so we can have some closure. Not much else, other than to say that October has been crazy and we’re glad that it’s almost over.



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10 responses to “Tuesday

  1. So sorry about the kitty. I hope the little one feels better soon.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Poor wee one. She sure has been hammered hasn’t she? Please give her a huggle for me. And, about Tasha? I hope for all your sakes you get closure. Take care and thanks for popping in!

  3. Roxie

    Don’t let A3 go outside and fall asleep under a bush. The raccoons might get her.

    Dear heart. Things are so hard right now. Hugs to all of you! Take your vitamins and have some comfort food.

  4. I suspect that A3 is never one to do things by halves [translation – in a half arsed way?] so I hope she is soon putting all her prodigious energies into full recovery.

  5. Hope A3’s lung ailments subside soon! It hurts so much to see our little ones suffer.

  6. OH, I feel so bad for the whole family!! poor kid! poor kitty!
    maybe she left knowing that it would be hard for you all to see her pass… animals do those kinds of things. Thinking and praying for you all…

    Much love –

    • Thank you! Ashley is feeling much better, although she’ll have a cough for about a month or so. She goes back to school on Monday. Hooray! Sadly, there have been lots of raccoon tracks on and around our back porch. I just hope that if they got her that she died very quickly. I HATE raccoons.

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