A3 is much better and is heading to school today! She’s still very weak and thin. The doctor said she’ll need to take it easy for the next month and that she’ll still have coughing episodes. Halloween was wonderful and a good time was had by all. We left a bowl of candy by our front door with a sign that said, “Happy Halloween” then we loaded up the girls and drove to a more “condensed” neighborhood. A1 met a group of her friends there and the two younger girls Trick or Treated with us. A3 got tired pretty fast so the younger girls, my DH and I drove to a nearby restaurant for a late night meal and hot drinks. A1 chose to have an extra half an hour with her friends. Taking pictures with my phone didn’t work out because it was too dark. A1 dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and the two younger girls both chose to be cats. The candy is already mostly gone (I helped with the chocolate). When we got home there were still older kids out Trick or Treating in our neighborhood. Some of them had pillow cases that were over half full. How much candy does one child need? Craziness.
While home last week I knitted a man-sized sock and part of a sweater. The Sweater was The Eyelet Cardi and I used some alpaca purchased last year. I had gauge, but the sweater looked terrible. The crappy thing is that I knew the sweater looked “wrong” from the first row and yet I continued knitting on it until it was time to divide it for the body. Tenacity and perseverance are noble, but this was sheer stupidity. When something is ugly making more of the ugly doesn’t fix the problem. It’s been frogged.


 Sunday started out cold and foggy, but by the afternoon the fog burned off leaving a crisp, clear beautiful autumn day.  I raked leaves in the front yard and packed away the Halloween decorations.


A3 kept me company, but she couldn’t stay outside very long because it was still a little cold.  The jack-o-lanterns were tossed unceremoniously on top of the compost heap with the leaves and the pumpkin guts. Maybe pumpkins will grow there next year.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week. I’m so glad it’s November.



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7 responses to “November!

  1. My daughter developed a fever on Saturday afternoon, had a very short stint of trick-or-treating and stayed home from church yesterday. She had a low grade fever all day yesterday. I’m going to keep her home one day from school and hope for the best. DH has it, too, though.

    Glad to hear A3 is feeling better!

  2. Roxie

    Hooray for A-3!! Back to school already? Wahoo! Thank God for modern medicine. In my experience, pneumonia meant at least two weeks on the sofa. Bet she sleeps well tonight.

    And wasn’t Sunday a treat? Hope your November is ever so much better than your October!

    I once gained five pounds in one week when I first discovered crunchy peanut butter with Delicicous apples. Think A3 might like it? Eggnogs are good for a few extra calories, too.

  3. I am so happy to hear A3 is better. I was getting worried about her.

    Welcome November!!!

  4. Glad to hear the little one is doing better. Here’s to a happy, healthy november!

  5. knitwonpurltoo

    Big sigh of relief. I’ve been worried about A3. Sounds like a good Halloween, though. I do love the color for the Eyelet cardi. Maybe, if you try it again?? Have a wonderful week, kiddo!

  6. There is so much chocolate at chez trek right now – and I won’t eat any of it: it is all low-rent milk chocolate stuff.

    Give me the expensive, delightful, dark chocolate variety instead.

    Oh, well, it is good for the “buff”.

  7. Glad to hear A3 is getting better. Give her a big hug from Auntie Karen!

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