Goodbye to a Dear Friend

This morning I received a voicemail at work from my husband. While he was setting out the trash one of the neighbors approached him and said that Tasha’s body was rotting on her back porch. Ironically, this was the first place that my gut led me to when she disappeared. I asked the young man who answered the door if he’d check his back yard for her. He went into his house and came back several minutes later and said that he stood on his back porch and couldn’t see her any place in their yard but that he didn’t check under the bushes because it was wet and he didn’t want to walk down into the grass. Had he taken another 30 seconds and looked then we could have avoided the hours of searching, placing and checking ads on Craigslist, Humane Society visits, etc. It’s good to have closure and to know for certain that she isn’t wandering around cold or hungry. It’s also comforting to know that she wasn’t torn up or eaten by animals. The libel against raccoons was unwarranted on my part, but I still dislike them immensely and they’re still trespassing in our yard. I buried Tasha next to a large hydrangea bush in a warm and sunny spot. She loved the sun. I miss her.



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13 responses to “Goodbye to a Dear Friend

  1. Gee, thanks bud – not.

  2. Heide, I’m so sorry to read what’s become of Yasha. I’ve thought of her often, hoping for the best that maybe someone has taken her in.

  3. Marion

    What a lazy jerk!

  4. Oh dear. so it goes. There is a definite design flaw in us, and especially our pets. Our cat and doggie are racing towards 14 and 13 years old, now i am shedding a tear for tasha and in anticipation for them, …….and the rest of all of us, …….and oh dear.

  5. knitwonpurltoo

    Tears shed for your Tasha. I will miss the pictures of her looking like Bloom County’s “Bill the Cat”. She lived a good long time and now you have closure. How typical that a neighbor would be too f’ing lazy to really look. Jackass. Hugs from here, kiddo.

  6. Roxie

    At last you know. It was better than a battle with raccoons. Comfort and hugs to you.

    Raccoons are vermin. Go ahead and hate them anyway. I do.

    I don’t like your neighbors.

  7. Gillian

    Tasha lived long and happily and I’m sure the end was short. Dear soul probably thought she was doing you a favour, slinking off as cats do, to die away from her territory and intervention from caring humans…anthropomorphic twaddle from me!!! Not into terms of condolence involving the word “closure” but at least it’s over.
    Cheers anyway Gillian

  8. Oh, good-bye sweet Tasha. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  9. I am so sorry that Tasha is gone. It is very hard to lose a pet that is so loved.

    And I am with Roxie, I don’t like your neighbors.

  10. So glad that you know what has happened to her for sure… to bad your neighbor is a butt head. Let me guess, they dont have animals or they have them and dont care well for them???? I am sure being able to put her in a comforatable spot, brought some peace about her passing. She loved you all very much I bet and thought that leaving would be the best for all… Hugs and love to you and the family!!

  11. by the way – we hunt coon….

  12. I’m so sorry, but glad that you have closure now.

  13. I’m so sorry to hear about your poor kitty, but I’m glad you know know what’s happened to her. There’s nothing like having your pet disappear and never knowing what’s become of them.

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