Rain and Wind and Friday

“And the rain rain rain
came down down down
in rushing rising rivlets
’til the river rushed
out of it’s bed
and rushed right into Piglet’s”

Rain pounding on the roof woke me up at 4:00 this morning. Hopefully the wind blew itself out last night so we can use umbrellas. The elementary school I work at has issues with the playground field becoming a quagmire of mud and goo. As a result it becomes off limits to the students during heavy rains. In addition, if the rain’s too heavy they can’t even go to the equipment because it’s not covered. The result is that they’re forced to mill around under the covered walkway and basketball court. There isn’t enough room for them to do much so they don’t get to run off excess energy and unwind. One of the teachers I work with will sometimes put on music and let her kids dance. That might help cheer the kidlets up. Of course doubling up on Prozac or spiking my coffee with Kahlua may not be a bad idea either. Yes, I’m kidding.

Last night was Chess Club and we needed to make a run over to the Junior High School to make sure everyone had a ride home so knitting time was limited. A few more rows were added to my current WIP. There’s enough yarn that I can make a second, identical
“thing” as well.

Theoretically there are no school concerts, sporting events, birthday parties or other “outings” planned for this weekend. I’m typing this quietly for fear that the universe will throw several unexpected happenings our way.

Bonny seems to have come to terms with Tasha’s absence. She’s very clingy now though and insists on sleeping on top of our legs. New sets of raccoon footprints on and around our back porch mean we’ve pretty much resigned ourselves that the little jerks got my kitty. If so then I hope she got a few good bites or scratches in first and didn’t suffer.

Hope everyone enjoys a quiet weekend. Cheers!



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3 responses to “Rain and Wind and Friday

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    I’m sorry about Tasha, but the old girl went the way she wanted to. Bonny will be very clingy. She’s not used to being a single kitty. Esau turned clingy when Boo died and has been that way since. Rain rain go away come again another day!!! Have a relaxing weekend. And, who would know if there was Kahlua in your coffee? Sounds divine to me!

  2. May you have a peaceful weekend!

  3. Roxie

    The scarf is to DIE for! You are much, much too generous!! Thank you ever so much. I love it!

    Let the kids dance it off. I like that. You might even pick up a few moves yourself. Hope the quagmire gets a chance to dry over the weekend.

    Hope you get a chance to knit over the weekend. Hope everyone gets a chance to just hang out over the weekend. I think you could all use it.

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