By bedtime on Friday my DH had decided that enough was enough. The entire household was in a subdued state, bordering on depression, following Tasha’s burial. In order to end the moping and to liven the place up he decided we needed a new cat.
Holy cow! My Dh doesn’t dislike animals, but he’s proclaimed on many occasions that absolutely no more pets are allowed. Ever. They’re expensive, messy and demanding (just like the kids), and he didn’t want any more critters to deal with. So for him to make this statement surprised the heck out of me. For about 3 seconds I considered taking advantage of his generosity to ask for a boob job, but the thought left quickly.

Saturday afternoon we all piled into the van and hydroplaned our way down to the Humane Society. Overwhelming doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling when you see all of the kitties waiting to be adopted. On the suggestion of a dear friend we decided to limit our search to middle-aged, neutered male cats in hopes of improving the chances that Bonny and a new kitty would like each other.

Of course the girls all flocked to the kittens, and each proclaimed a different animal to be “the one”. All of the cats were heart-wrenching to see and the ones curled up in apathy near the back of the kennels appealed to me just as much as the ones reaching their paws out the cage bars as we walked by. We spent about 40 minutes walking around just looking. Finally I told my DH that I didn’t want to get a new kitty just yet.

The girls begged and pleaded to at least take one into a room for a personal meeting. We took a handsome young kitten named Raphael into the private acquaintance room and he proceeded to charm all of us. He also tried to climb the walls, jump out the window and chew on anything available. As adorable as he was I told the girls that he’d have no trouble finding a home, but that he wasn’t right for us.

Next up we took a 6 month old female, named Ballofur, into a room. Ballofur was sweet through the cage bars, but she turned into “Ballofury” in the room. The poor dear panicked and tried hurling herself through a window. As she ran around the room using the walls for a springboard one of my girls worked at signaling a staff member to retrieve the kitty. I managed to catch her long enough for the worker to open the door and come in without the kitty escaping, but she bit the crap out of my hand in the process. We decided Ballofur needed a different forever home. At this point I told my DH that while I truly appreciated his generosity that it was time to leave.

A different shelter worker approached us and asked questions about our family and about Bonny. She had one final suggestion for us that she felt might work out. The next thing we knew the girls and I were in a third acquaintance room being introduced to Florence. Florence was a year and half old spayed female who had been adopted out once, but then the family returned her. She didn’t get along with their small dog and scratched him. She did, however, get along fine with the cats and children that were in that home. Florence had been in the shelter since 08-03-09. No sooner had the worker set Florence down then she walked over to our eldest daughter and curled up in her lap. The rumbling purrs removed any traces of doubt that we had. Paperwork was filled out in record time, she was rechristened and brought home to join our family.

Meet Roxanna, or Roxie for short.

Since her arrival Roxie has explored about half of the house. She’s checking out some yarn in the above photo. She and Miss Bonny have met on several occasions. Both are leary and have yet to get within 3 feet of each other. There has been no hissing, etc. though. They might have had a more favorable first meeting and become more intimate had it not been for the fact that Roxie backed into A3’s guitar, knocking it over, making Roxie jump. Which in turn scared the crap out of Bonny so she ran away to a bedroom and hid for several hours.

The girls are delighted with their newest friend. I think she’s very sweet too. Her toes look like little black jelly beans against her white paws.
Maybe tomorrow while the house is quiet and free from human interference the two felines will have the chance to finally meet unhindered. We’ve crossed our paws and fingers that harmony will prevail. My DH rocks!

p.s. the birds are not amused



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11 responses to “Surprise

  1. I’m so happy for you.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Congrats. She looks like a cousin of Esau Marie!!!! BTW, the girls will get along. Remember, Bonny is still mourning. It’ll take her a bit of time. As long as they both have room to roam, they’ ll probably be fine.

  3. Congrats. Your family is growing and slowly healing. Everyone just needs a little time.

  4. Welcome home, Roxie!!! I remember just how hard it can be to look at all the kitties in the shelter – especially when you are missing the one you just lost. But I’m positive the timing was right, and Tasha whispered in Roxie’s ear and told her to make sure you didn’t get away without taking her with you. 🙂

  5. Roxie

    Your DH is a wise and giving man. Give him lots of hugs and kisses. He knows how to make his women happy.

    My technique for getting cats to make friends is to turn the heat way down when I leave the house. When the warmest thing around is the OTHER cat, they soon figure how to get along and curl up together.

    I am flattered beyond words! Big hugs to you and all the young A’s.

  6. Roxie

    Watch out for that cat bite. Have you had a tetnus shot lately? If it gets red and swollen, head right to the doctor. Blood poisoning goes really fast!

  7. There is nothing, nothing like having a tuxedo girl in the house!!! We think they are the smartest cats ever (just don’t tell Rufus and Ruby). Welcome home Jelly Bean Roxie. Your new forever home is the best!!!

  8. Oh, how wonderful! Except for that cat bite thing. Ouch. Do take care of it.

  9. What a cool paw print!

  10. Great paws! Tux’s paws are white with pink toes, but one of his paws has just one black toe and I think its the most adorable thing in the world

  11. I’m glad that Tasha was finally found and placed lovingly to rest. Roxie looks sweet and I hope that she and Bonny become the best of friends. I look forward to hearing more kitty adventures with your new addition. Hugs to all, K

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