Last week I knitted my modified version of “Pretty Thing” by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I  used  just over half a skein of Woolybuns (Chris’) gorgeous hand dyed yarn, featuring her own bunny hair as part of the blend. It’s very soft!  Pattern modifications included adding another repeat in the round to make it wider and doubling the length so it could be pulled up to serve as a hood too.


One cool “Thing” about making “Pretty Thing” is that there’s enough of this delightful yarn left to make another “Pretty Thing”. Next  time  I’ll follow the actual instructions though. 


Another cool “Thing” I discovered was that the bright sunlight over-exposed the pictures, thus masking out  my wrinkles!  Yee and haw! 

A surprising “Thing” at our house is that we’ve all grown quite fond of this rather large spider who lives outside out kitchen window.  We enjoy watching her (we’re guessing at the sex) eat breakfast and repair her web. 


It’s hard to tell from the picture, but she’s really BIG.  She also has a “Ghetto Booty”.   Gotta love that!  Of course, if this monstrosity appeared inside the house the girls and I would scream bloody murder until my DH fulfilled his duty… which in this case would consist of removing the creepy crawly.

Roxie and Bonny continue doing the avoidance “Thing”.  There haven’t been any all-out wars though and we’re still hopeful that they’ll become the best of friends. In the meantime everyone is making extra efforts to give Bonny special attention.

Hope everyone did their own “Thing” to celebrate Veteran’s Day.  Thank you to everyone who’s ever served. Because of your sacrifice we were able to stay home and do nothing today.  Seriously… not everyone gets to enjoy such luxuries.  Cheers!



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13 responses to ““Things”

  1. Your pretty thing is beautiful.. I want to make a larger one too!

  2. Very pretty, the hood too.
    Yesterday was Remembrance Day here – a bit like Veterans day – but it is marked on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, as that is when the First World War ended.
    The last of the men who actually soldiered in that War died earlier this year, so there is no-one now who actually remembers those horrors. There were 3 old blokes, all about 106 who all seemed remarkably spry right up to the end.
    All gone now.

    • My great grandfather was a World War I veteran. I don’t know if there are any survivors here anymore either. It seems that the last were either in England or Australia. The holiday used to be called Remembrance Day here too but eventually it was changed so that all the Veterans, not just WWI, would be honored. Cheers!

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    That second picture looks fab, honey! You look terrific!!!!! I love the whimple, too. Your spider reminds me of “Bertha” , a spider we had a few years ago on the deck. I believe they are plain old garden spiders, but I could be wrong;-D

  4. Oh how loverly!! You and the Pretty Thing. I may just have to go get that pattern and try one for me, too.

    Enjoy your pet spider!

  5. Roxie

    I thought you had A3 modeling the pretty thing. Gorgeous, high-fashion photos. Bravo! And it’s a lovely piece of work. With angora? Oooo, warm!

    Love the spider. Probably female by this time of the year. Good hunting to her!

  6. RAE

    That first picture is awesome. You look so gorgeous in it!

  7. I’m kind of surprised that the cats aren’t hunting the spider.

  8. Evan

    That is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

    You need to make a date with me to go to the new knitting shop on Hawthorne (if you love Twisted you’ll LOVE this place).

    One day I hope to be as wonderful as you are ;o)

  9. You look gorgeous! I love the color you chose for your cowl.

  10. Gillian

    That really is a pretty thing.
    Glad to read your tale of “Finding Roxie”. I’m sure she’ll live happily ever after.
    Cheers Gillian

  11. OMG OMG OMG!! The spider is living here tooo!!!! upper left of the kitchen window, we swat flies in the house – yes there are a few living still – and throw them into her web for her! she has a ghetto booty of hollywood legends….

  12. You look like a movie star and give Grace Kelly a run for her money. Perfect color for you.

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