A New Post!

There is a perfectly sound and reasonable explanation for my lack of blog posting.  Typing is now extremely difficult because webs have grown between my fingers and toes. 

The girls show every sign of sprouting gills behind their ears as well.  Yes, this is western Washington and rain is notorious for this region, but this is ridiculous!  The wind, rain and generally crappy weather have kept everyone inside. Perpetual clouds transform even midday to dreary darkness.  My girls and tired and grumpy, the people (both big and small) who I work with seem to drag and everyone just wants to sleep.  

Last night the girls and I agreed that a sleepy evening at home would be perfect.  I made French toast stuffed with cream cheese, bacon and sausage for dinner then we all gathered together and watched “Up”.  My DH even came in and joined us. The movie made me cry and laugh, then cry again. It was delightful. The two youngest are watching it again this morning before we return it.

Roxie and Bonny still haven’t bonded.  They’ve come to understand that the other exists and isn’t leaving though. It’s a start. Roxie is about half of Bonny’s size, yet Bonny shies away from her as though she were a bobcat.  The irony of this is that Bonny took great delight in terrorizing Tasha for four years. Hopefully that won’t be the case here though.

Sorry for the picture quality, but I’m still using the camera on my phone.  She looks annoyed in this picture because I stopped petting her long enough to take the picture.  Bonny flat-out refused to be photographed this morning.

The muffler/scarf knitted from this summer’s handspun is finally finished.  It’s much brighter and crisper looking in person.  For some reason this took an unreasonable amount of time in comparison to the completed size.  Perhaps it’s because I’m used to knitting lace and the holes make projects “grow” faster.

Other WIPs include making new slippers to felt for my DH and trying to applique some more quilt squares for Christmas wall-hangings.  Next week we’re driving to my mom and dad’s for Thanksgiving. Everyone is looking forward to the holiday. Grandpa Porgy, Great Auntie Ruth, my Sister and BIL and perhaps others will all be there.  My brother works on Thanksgiving so he and his family can’t make it.  From what I understand his oldest daughter, from a previous marriage, is expecting another baby soon. 

Hopey’all are staying dry and warm. Cheers!


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7 responses to “A New Post!

  1. Hey there! Sounds like you’re all settling in for the wet and windy winters… I hope we get a chance to come down to visit soon. I miss you all!
    Love, K

  2. Very wet and windy here. Flash floods in the Lake District – soggy lanes here. Daughter sent me one of those knitted pigtail hats I can pull down over my ears, so I do!

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    I’m sending thoughts of sunshine your way. We have had 2 days of sun and get one more and then, more rain. The kitties are typical. They’ll figure it out eventually. And, take care. Glug.

  4. Roxie

    People mock our fashion sense here in the Pacific Northwest. Live here for one winter and learn why Goretex is the local equivalent of cashmere. Leaving three buttons undone on your wool flannel shirt is a definite come-on. And hair styles are established around what goes under a hat and emerges uncrushed.

    We also have the best complexions in the US and tend to look years younger than our actual age because the moist air keeps our skin soft, and we never get a chance to tan.

    Have a marvelous holiday. And thanks for the recomendation for “Up.”

  5. Hey, webs can be…attractive. Remember the ol’ Man from Atlantis TV series? (Ok, bad joke.)
    Sending you warm New England sunshine your way, we have LOTS of it right now.

  6. It was sunny over the weekend but today (and the remainder of the week’s forecast) makes me think that I somehow translocated to the Pacific Northwest in my sleep. It is cold, overcast, and very damp. Soon, the overcast is supposed to morph into lots of precipitation.

    Hope you guys all know how to do the “freestyle”.

  7. Gillian

    It didn’t rain here today but the workmen doing the front yard paving, decided that it would, because it was going to rain everywhere else, and so they didn’t turn up for work. No webbed feet or flippers needed.
    But it wasn’t dry either. Yesterday’s puddles are still there. Wet, wet wet. Permanent puddles now exist.
    Cheers Gillian

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