Not Quite Friday Yet.

Good morning everyone! It’s a balmy 11°F/-12°C this morning in our neighborhood, with clear skies and no precipitation. This sounds like a downright heat wave to folks enduring temperatures below zero and heaps o’ snow and ice.  Winter has arrived in the northern hemisphere. Two nights ago I disconnected hoses and covered faucets with little foam bonnets. We also stocked up on toilet paper, coffee, cat food and other essentials should we become house bound.  Take that Martha Stewart! 

 This evening A3 has Chess Club until 4:45 and A1 has a choir concert at 6:30.  Theoretically there should be time for dinner, homework, dressing everyone appropriately and driving to and fro between home and the schools.  Isn’t that what caffeine and Prozac are for? If you prick me do I not bleed coffee, If you tickle me do I not laugh hysterically until I wet myself? (apologies to Mr. Shakespeare for the misquote).

The great cat stand-off of ’09 continues. Those two critters have fluff for brains.  It’s a good thing they’re cute because the hissy, growly arguments at 2:00 am are annoying. 

As you’ve probably surmised, there are no pictures.  Nothing has been made, no Kodak-worthy happenings and no warm and fuzzy shots for posterity of the girls.  Just well-wishes for everyone and a reminder that tomorrow is Friday!



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5 responses to “Not Quite Friday Yet.

  1. We awakened to 11 also! And, to make you feel even more smug, last night at about 7:00 p.m. I realized that I had not undone the hoses or covered the outside faucet. All was frozen, so I could not cover the outside faucet with my styrofoam (or anything else for that matter), so I tied plastic bags around the faucet for the time being. It looks as lame as you’d think it would;-D

  2. Roxie

    Hah! Down here in the banana belt, it was 19 at 5AM. We brought the warmth back with us.

    I’d say that given an hour and a half, I’d have girls changing in the bathroom at MacDonald’s while the cheerful people there slapped together a few burgers to wolf down in the car. HOW DO YOU DO IT? You are a wonder woman and a hero and I hope Santa brings you that pony you have always wanted.

  3. Or would that be bleek coffee??

  4. LOL! I’m totally stealing “If you prick me, do I not bleed coffee?”

    Not to compete, but just to illustrate we’re all having the same sort of couple of weeks:

    Today DS goes to a focus group ($50 for video games), DD babysits my boss’s kids so she can practice for our Xmas party at work with the band.

    Tomorrow we all go put up the stage in the hall, go to school for Winterfest (with snow) and then make rolled cookies with friends all afternoon.

    Sunday, lighting the Advent Candles and singing a big cantata in church, DS selling Mistletoe with Cub Scouts and Caroling at the local hospital. It never slows down!

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