A Night at the Derby

The Powder Puff Derby to be exact.

It’s pretty much just like the Pinewood Derbies held by The Boy Scouts, but the cars tend to be a little more pastel with many models featuring Littlest Petshop figures or dismembered Barbies, etc. as passengers. The endeavor ended up lasting all evening as there were over 100 participants in A3’s category. The car that A3 and her Grandpa Dave (my dad) made is the red and black car in the bottom, left corner of the box.

A3’s car won the first two heats it raced in, but it finished 3rd in the next two and was eliminated. Overall she ended up placing somewhere around 10th place. 

Trying to take pictures of her car during an actual heat proved futile due to crowds of people and an incompetent photographer.

The good thing was that my DH flew in this afternoon from Florida so he got to see the races too. The poor dear has been suffering 80 degree heat in Orlando for the past week! His next round of training will be in Oregon.  Not quite so glamorous, but much closer to home.

A1 sang in a concert Thursday night. They sounded really great and she looked beautiful but I didn’t get any pictures. We arrived early, but A3 was acting like a complete pill so we gave up our seats to walk around. When we went back inside the gymnasium there was no place left to sit so we had to stand against a wall behind the choir. The lack of pictures, combined with her dad missing it because he was out of town, has A1 feeling a bit put out with us right now. She’s certain that she’s the victim of a mistaken adoption. Her real family is very rich and normal in every sense of the word. They’ve spent the last 13 years looking for their long-lost daughter and once they find her she’ll be whisked away to live with them in a palace and then she’ll be rich with her own bathroom and we’ll be sorry that we were ever so mean to her. Poor little waif!

A2 endured the past two nights’ activities quite stoicly. She brought along books and her DS for entertainment. Santa may have to deviate from his plan to leave coal in her stocking.  Next week it’s their turn to practice patience when she has her band concert.

Today one of the teachers came to school in a lovely sweater that his wife knitted for him. She designed the pattern herself too. I like how the stitches are wrapped where the colors join… very nice design element!

Seeing this makes me want to clear my needles and cast on a sweater.  Unfortunately, Christmas is less than two weeks away and I’ve not finished making presents, started baking or sent any Christmas Cards. Seasonal panic time.

Not a lot else to report, other than it’s supposed to snow a little tonight. Hopefully the roads will remain driveable. It’s good to have everyone home again.



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6 responses to “A Night at the Derby

  1. Way to go, A3. Nice job.

    That sweater does look pretty cool… I really should work on my sleeves….

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Congrats to A3 and Grandpa Dave!! Good looking car, too. I’m glad you are no longer single parenting. That sucks beyond imagination. A1 is so the drama queen (read, teenager). I love it. I felt the same way. I knew I was adopted too;-P And, I really like that sweater. Very talented knitter there, huh? Have a happy weekend, Sweetie!!!!

  3. Roxie

    Yay A3! Good on you A2! As for A1 – you might point out to her that if not getting her picture taken during her Christmas concert is the worst thing that has ever happened in her life, then she’s pretty darn lucky! Unfortunately, we need to become acquainted with hardship before we can put things in perspective.

    Hooray on the return of the paternal unit!

  4. I remember doing those car things when I was young . . . oh so many years ago. I don’t think mine even won one race, so sounds like she did fairly well.

  5. I was enjoying reading of your virtual family xmas as I expected only him, me and my ma to huddle under the TV. Plus Hattie the dog and Aggers the cat of course.
    But now daughter and the glorious grandson are flying over to fill the house with festive joy………this is a blessing, but also a worry as they will have to sleep in my work room and the gg has just started walking, and chewing everything that can’t escape. The first Textile baby?

  6. Love the derby cars. My son is planning on making a skateboard car this year. They’ve already carved out the deck, next comes the wheels. Looks like I’ll get to come up with the paint design on it again.

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