In and Out

Last night, after Chess Club and Knowledge Bowl practice, but before the birthday dinner and concert A2 got dressed up (for said concert). My DH arrived home just as we were preparing to walk out the door so we were able to get a picture of him and A2 together.

While he dashed back to change clothes I convinced A2 to take off her glasses for a non-reflective shot.

As soon as we got home she literally ran to her bedroom to take off the dress and put on ratty looking old clothes. But we have pictorial evidence now that she is, indeed, a young lady. She has parents who try to keep her fed, bathed, clean and brush her hair. She is not an orphan who lives under the freeway. Her clothes have been washed and aren’t the castings off from a local bag lady. I’m archiving this should CPS come to investigate us for neglect!

Tonight A1 is going to a winter ball, A3 has Girl Scouts and there’s a Christmas party for my work group. I also need to bake cupcakes for A3’s party tomorrow. Once that’s done then life should slow down here for a few weeks. (crossing fingers and knocking on wood) We’re all looking forward to the break.

Happy Friday!



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5 responses to “In and Out

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Wait a minute hahahahahahah, things will slow down when? hahahahahahahahahahahaha.
    A2 is another beautiful offspring of you and DH’s union. I don’t how the poor man can handle it.

  2. Roxie

    What a pretty young lady! And Heide, if you go much faster, our hair will ignite from air friction.

  3. Wow…in a dress! I didn’t even recognize her in the second photo without the glasses. She looks lovely–someday she may be interested in wearing dresses again…maybe. Hugs all around!

  4. Gillian

    I wish you all a really great Christmas. It will all fall into place and then be over before you know it. We have serious snow already and my enforced stay-at-home with a operated-on foot means all is in place for feasting and unwrapping here.
    Cheers Gillian

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