Things That Are Done

Today, rather than dwell upon the fact that copious amounts of baked goods don’t fill my pantry, Christmas Cards were not sent, handmade gifts for friends and family remain unfinished and outside lights remain elusive, I will concentrate on what has been completed this past week.

First up, quilts. Originally three full-sized bed quilts with a Christmas theme were planned.  As time and reality pressed on the quilts were downsized to lap throws or wall hangings. One was completed.  Other quilt squares became pillows (still not all done), or in one case, a package of quilt squares to be given to their intended recipient as is.  I’m sure that she’ll do them more justice than I would have, being as she’s a professional quilter (obviously this isn’t a surprize). I now consider this project to be mostly done. Here is one of the pillows.

Next, A3’s party.  The shop owner was delightful, especially in the midst of the chaos.  Another, earlier party hadn’t quite finished with their painting when ours was scheduled to start.  I sent the kidlets outside with bubbles until the remaining artists from before could be relocated to a smaller table. We only had 10 kids for ours, which was a relief because we wouldn’t have fit otherwise. 

The finished ceramics should be ready for pick up today. Once we receive word then we’ll fetch them and make deliveries to the party goers.

Some knitting has been completed.  Here is A3 modeling her Christmas hat.  It’s made with her very own handspun she made with some pencil roving from Crown Mountain Farms (purchased during Sock Summit).

The tree is up and the girls’ presents are wrapped.

Roxie’s interest in the “tree”  is directly related to Bonny hiding from Roxie behind said tree.

Hopefully their silly cat antics won’t result in the whole thing being knocked over.

Okay, so this is completely has nothing to do with Christmas, but I cleaned my refrigerator yesterday!

Cricket, cricket… that’s pretty much the same response I got from my family too. But it’s clean! It’s so white and pretty… and it’s clean! Hopefully there is someone out there who appreciates this as much as I do. The first person to slop juice down the door or knock over the jelly jar shall be duly punished.  Sorry, I digress.

I made fudge and peanut brittle to give away.  The cookies were merely those slice and bake sugar cookies that hail from a tube.  They’re not very good at all.

Today, while we’re out delivering ceramics, we’ll drop off some holiday plates to folks as well.  Also on the agenda is baking cardamom bread (pulla) and dinner rolls.  Potato salad and ambrosia salads also need to be made to go with the Christmas ham.

Some time after Christmas we will visit my family and mail out New Year’s cards… hopefully.  Cheers!

p.s., how about that refrigerator!



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7 responses to “Things That Are Done

  1. You are way so far ahead of me. I still have shopping to do – with Neatnik in tow! – and regular errands and wrapping and, and, and.

    Darned semester went on too late this December (I am right now proctoring exams).

    Merry Christmas!

  2. No one else may, but I feel for you with the fridge. I have been doing my Winter Cleaning. Good luck with the kitties and all that you still want to accomplish!

  3. I appreciate your clean fridge and wish mine looked like it!

  4. knitwonpurltoo

    Your fridge is exquisite. It looks brand new! I love A3’s hat. She did a terrific spinning job, didn’t she? Your tree is so pretty and the kitties are about right. Roxie wants to play and Bonny will have none of it. Did you think Bonny would not be the dominant one? Me, neither.

  5. I haven’t wrapped a thing, and I haven’t cleaned my fridge (though it desperately needs it). It looks awesome!

  6. Roxie

    A clean fridge! Ooooh, look! A CLEAN fridge! I had forgotten – are they supposed to be all white and spotless inside like that? It’s breathtaking in its beauty. I – I’m speechless.

    You accomplish more than anyone I know! And the painting party was a brilliant idea. What fun!

    Your tree looks so pretty. And Bonny looks so fed up! I think Roxie may be cruising for a bruising.

  7. My fridge is so jealous of your fridge it’s threatening to run away and come to your house so you can clean it as well!


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