Ho Ho Hum

Christmas came and left uneventfully… not even a good cat fight to liven up the holiday.  The girls wanted to open a few presents on Christmas Eve.  My DH and I sat back and let them have at it.  They ended up opening them all and then sat there looking bewildered as they realized there would be no morning mayhem.  Their new “toys” kept them busy well into the night. A3 finished her new book within several hours, but she proclaimed that she’ll try to forget about it so she can read it again.  

We will go to my parents’ house during the next couple of days to visit and deliver their gifts.  With the extra time I decided to make an explanatory card to go with my dad’s latest hat.

For those of you not native to the pacific coast, that is supposed to be a razor clam.  Special clam digging charms were whispered as the hat was knitted so the wearer will be protected from rogue waves and always dig his/her limit.

The cardamom bread ended up being a little dark, even before the coffee and sugar were brushed on top. Hopefully it will be edible. I’ll never bake to my mom’s or grandmothers’ (they both were amazing cooks) standards, but theoretically it’s the same.







Roxie spent most of the past few days endearing herself to whomever was sitting still.  She likes to lay on top of the bed on people’s feet.  Her purring is so loud it tickles.






Bonny is placating herself with food and she’s growing quite plump. The girls and I have been trying to entice her into playing, but she only bats at the strings, etc. if they’re being dragged across her face. Silly goose!

My DH and I had agreed not to buy each other anything.  It was tough, but I restrained myself and stuck to merely knitting him a sleeping hat and slippers (which aren’t quite finished).  He cheated and came home from work yesterday with two boxes.  He picked out a warm, fuzzy pair of pajamas and new underwear for me!  It was hard to be mad at him because I really needed both.  Luckily the pjs have an elastic waistband because I’ve done nothing but eat for three days straight… and not healthy things like celery or carrot sticks.  Bonny and I both need motivation! 

We bought A2 a refurbished I-pod off of ebay for Christmas.  She didn’t want a new one because the 3rd generation Nanos have a wider screen, and more importantly, they’re compatable with all of our existing hardware and accessories. There is something wrong with the speaker jack though so we need to call around about repairs tomorrow. She was pretty bummed, because no matter which headphones we tried we couldn’t get sound out the left ear (all the headphones worked fine with her sister’s).  Other than fixing that we have no returns to make or any other reason to venture near a shopping center during tomorrow’s after-Christmas frenzy. 

I thought of each and every one of our friends and family throughout the past several days and hopefully you all had a joyous Christmas.  If all goes well I may get some New Year’s cards in the mail (totally missed that Christmas deadline) over the next few days. Cheers! 



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7 responses to “Ho Ho Hum

  1. I think it’s really funny and cute that the girls ended up opening all of their presents on Christmas Eve!! LOL I wonder if that will become a new tradition, or if in hindsight they decided it’s better to wait until Christmas?? It sounds like you had a wonderful day though! Happy New Year to you all! (Yes, I know, it’s early . . . but hey, you never know how long it will take me to get around to blog stuff again) 😉

  2. All that eating – yeah. Me, too. And with all the leftovers and my daughter’s plans to cook them up, I’m sure my eating will continue for the next couple days, too. Time to start hiking again!

    I hope the underwear was as much for him as for you!!!

  3. Roxie

    Your husband is a sweetie! Fuzzy jammies? He needs a sleeping cap? Wow, you guys DO keep your bedroom cold, don’t you? Ever wake up with frost on the bedspread?

    Roxie spreads the joy? That’s my girl! My job in life is to rejoice, regardless of the circumstances.

    That package opening is sort of a feeding frenzy.Hard to stop when there’s one more un-opened box.

  4. knitwonpurltoo

    Sounds like a lovely and memorable Christmas. Love Dad’s hat. The bread looks wonderful. My Mom and I always used the same recipes and our stuff never ended up quite the same. I think it’s normal and I’ll bet it tastes just great!!! Have a great weekend, kiddo!!!!

  5. Sounds like a great Christmas! And my Tux will only play if her can lay on his back and swat things

  6. Penny

    Are you sharing recipes?

  7. Merry Christmas!!! Fried razor clams and eggs are my very favorite breakfast (only eaten when we go to the OR coast)

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