Snow and Cleaning!

For the past several days I’ve taken advantage of a burst of energy and started some deep cleaning projects at home.   I filled the back of our mini-van (with the seats stowed) to the brim with miscellaneous stuff and dropped it off at the Goodwill.  Both garbage cans filled up rapidly too with flotsom and jetsom of family life.  My goal is to have a clean and unencumbered start to the new decade. That includes either finishing, frogging or throwing away all UFOs, regardless of their medium.  My DH questioned  the mysterious and unusual energy levels.  The nearest thing we can figure is that having new underwear with working elastic in them has put a new “spring” in my step.  

My family did complain though when I began to take the tree down.  I grudgingly promised them to leave it up until New Year’s day.  Grumble, snarl.  The rest of the Christmas decorations were fair game though and they’ve all be taken down.  While packing them away a dusty, mysterious box emerged from the recesses of the attic.  What was inside the box? Why a Santa suit of course!   As luck would have it we also got our first snow of the season this afternoon.  Even though most of the trappings have been put away the suit made a rare appearance in honor of the snow.  The girls found the idea of Santa knitting quite ludicrous.  He knits Continental in case you were wondering.

The frosty precipitation prompted much silliness and excitement.  In three shakes of a lamb’s tail A1 had donned the suit and dashed outside. Her friend, E,  dressed like Mrs. Claus going to a spring concert. I complained and mother-henned her, but she insisted on not wearing a coat. 

I snapped one quick picture of them, along with A2 and A3 before they skipped off through the neighborhood.  The goofballs rang bells, knocked on doors, passed out candy canes and waved at cars with white knuckled drivers making their way through the snow.  At one house a lady insisted on having her picture taken with Santa so she called her husband, Bob, to get off of the couch to do the honors. He wasn’t amused from what I understand.  How A1 came to be so outgoing remains a puzzle.

The monster big flakes had us wondering of someone was plucking chickens in the sky.

Later the flakes shrank in size and became icy, wet pellets.  I doubt we’ll have any snow left tomorrow.  It took my DH an hour and a half to travel 15 miles to get home because of wrecks.   Luckily, A3 and I delivered the ceramics made at her birthday party to their creators earlier in the day.

Bonny lucked out because she was scheduled to have three shots and a check up this afternoon.  Because we live in a hilly area the call to cancel that appointment topped my list.  I detest driving in the snow.

We’ve not been to see my family yet for Christmas.  My mom got sick and was feeling quite dreadful.  A case of holiday Shingles set in.  She sounds like she’s doing moderately better now.  Maybe we can all arrange to meet up someplace.  I’d volunteer my sister’s house, but she’d probably have a nervous breakdown at the thought of that many people converging on her sanctuary.  We can be quite boisterous (translation, my kids are loud, fast and obnoxious).

No plans have been made to ring in the New Year. We don’t go out and nobody is coming over that I know of… I need to check with my DH to make sure.   Time to get back to cleaning. Those cupboards aren’t going to organize themselves. Cheers!




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7 responses to “Snow and Cleaning!

  1. Marion

    It took me 3 hrs 45 minutes to get home including a 15 minute walk up the hill. I had to leave my car… I live 17 miles but south. B was lucky!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    You have all the energy I don’t have right now. Trying to rid myself of a cold. I am so not ambitious. I’m pulling for you to complete your project soon!!! Love the pix. You guys are silly and I adore you!!!!

  3. Ah, the modern marvels of good elastic.
    I found the photo of Sven for you. (Unfortunately, he’s not wearing anything with elastic.)

  4. Roxie

    If new underwear puts a spring in your step, imagine what support hose would do! Maybe you’re getting ready for a growth spurt?

    The santa suit is just a kick! What delightful girls. And ah, the hot blood of youth! I saw kids on campus treking through the three-inch-deep snow wearing flipflops.

    I hope Bonny realizes that the shot has merely been delayed, not canceled. It’s for her own good!

    Drive safe today. And hug those funny girls for me.

  5. I think a deep clean is a great way to start the decade! Hmm… maybe I need to get my self some new underwear and get moving!

  6. Traci Hamilton

    Love it! So . . . was your snow gone this morning? Mine wasn’t . . . it was just the ugly, melted version of last night. Give everyone hugs for me–hope your mom feels better soon. My mom had shingles about ten years ago . . . yuck!

  7. We are planning on a quiet evening as well. Given the current snowfall, this is probably a very wise decision.

    Happy New Year!

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