Parental Visitation

My parents stopped by today for a holiday visit.   We’d not seen them since Thanksgiving and seeing them was wonderful.  We exchanged Christmas presents and they brought us a some fresh seafood. Tonight for dinner we’re having Alaskan Cod and dungeness crab.

There aren’t many neat ways to eat crab so the girls and I will just stand out on the back porch with a garbage can and hose everything down when we’re finished. My DH doesn’t eat crab, but he loves cod.

They gave the girls matching hooded sweatshirts, cranberry colored, of course! Here are the girls being silly with Grandma and Grandpa.

They  endured our loud family stayed and visited with us for several  hours, but they needed to head back before the roads got too dark. It’s about a 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive on twisting  and turning country roads.  I’m not sure if they’re stopping by my sister’s along the way, but we sent her Christmas stuff with them anyway.  She sees them quite often and is a much better daughter.

My mom is feeling much better now and my dad is just as taciturn as ever (not that he’d have much of a chance to talk with all of us gabbing).  I tried to crawl in the back of the truck and leave with them, but my DH caught me and made me come back in the house.  It was a lovely visit. 



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5 responses to “Parental Visitation

  1. Rae

    Yum! Can we come for dinner?

  2. Debbie

    Your parents look great. Your youngest daughter reminds me so much of you at her age. Doesn’t seem that long ago we were riding bikes over to each others house. Remember how we used to ride very very fast through the swarms of bees so we would not get stung. I wish much happiness and health for your family in 2010.

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    How lovely to have young parents. I’m so glad for you and your girls. Crab? Fresh? I am so on my way.

  4. A better daughter than you? I doubt it, honey!! That’s a great picture of the girls with your parents. And that crab . . . Oh. Yum. It isn’t even 8 am yet and I haven’t even had enough coffee – but I’ve already got “crabby” thoughts dancing in my head!!

  5. Erin

    Your folks look great…just like I remember them!

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