Slower Than Molasses in January

January is probably my least favorite month of the year.  The landscape is bleak, the month is long and there are no major holidays, etc. to break up the monotony.  Then there’s the weather… true to northwest tradition, it’s raining and outside activities are limited.  Snow would be welcome so we could go play and enjoy a “snow day”.  This weekend my DH had drill so it was just us chickens at the ranch. Other than one quick trip out for weekly groceries we stayed home.   The girls slept late, played on their DS’s and watched a couple of movies.  For a change, we (meaning the girls, not me or my dh) didn’t even have guests over.

Speaking of slow, peace negotiations remain at a standstill, with border skirmishes breaking out unexpectedly.   Neither of the kitties seeks the other out, but inevitably their paths cross several times a day.  Unfortunately, both Roxie and Bonny are drawn to the same places in spite of two separate feeding areas and litter boxes.

Then we have “Beyond Slow.” A  lonesome sock was removed from time out and a mate will, hopefully, be finished this week.  It’s the “Small Capitals” pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks,  but for the life of me I can’t remember what the yarn is… a cotton blend of some variety.  These are for a co-worker and they were started for her last year. By last year, I don’t mean last month, but rather many months ago.

Old Blue came out of hibernation for a couple hours of spinning.  I’m still working the wool I had cleaned and carded last winter/spring. It’s taking forever to get through this and fill the bobbin because I need to stop every few feet and pull out vegetable matter or hard lumps leftover from the processing. It’s also a very thin single, which adds to the slow progress.

A3 officially began pre-sales for Girl Scout Cookies.  Cookie sales are my least favorite thing about this.  I’m not an out-going person and selling things door-to-door is  right up there with having my fingernails pulled out on my “fun” list.   This is especially true in our neighborhood.  I’m going to fall back on my previous pattern of buying multiple cases myself.  The cookies freeze well and nobody should be surprised to receive cookies in lieu of gifts in the coming months.  My butt will probably be getting bigger as well. A3 and I will join the other girls and parents outside the stores in February. That’s nowhere near as agonizing as the door-to-door sales, which she so desperately wants to do.  The carrot being dangled to the girls is that if they sell 2,000 boxes they can earn a Wii.  If I bought 2,000 boxes then I’d probably break the Wii!

My brother sent pictures of his daughter and her two little girls.  The youngest, Abigail,  was just born in December and the oldest, Maliegha,  turned one in September. I think my niece is the spitting image of my mom.  Everyone here thinks she looks like me.  I guess that means I must look a little bit like my mom.

Being perpetually behind in my knitting, I’ve not made anything yet for the new baby.  Like I said, slower than molasses.  Hope everyone enjoyed a great weekend. Cheers!



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6 responses to “Slower Than Molasses in January

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Your niece looks so much like you I thought it was you! Purdy girls run in your fambly! Sounds like a good dull weekend. I’m climbing out of my blue funk. The temps are warming!!!!!! Happy Monday, kiddo!

  2. Roxie

    The days ARE getting longer. The filberts and the alders are throwing out catkins. The daffodills in my garden are sticking their noses up through the dirt. Spring IS coming! Have a yellow day (Wear, eat, look for yellow) and see if that doesn’t brighten the outlook.

    Happy spinning. And good for you for finishing up the second sock!

    The niece and the great nieces are beauties. There’s a pretty gene in your family.

  3. I personally feel that way about February, so I can totally relate – it may be the shortest month but to me it feels like the longest

  4. January is a tough month. Cold, dark, and spring seems light years away.

  5. Christy

    You should feel fortunate if you have catkins & daffy noses…I’d just love to see a blade of grass again that isn’t dead from frostbite or snow…that won’t happen here for a couple more months. At least it’s supposed to be in the 30’s for the next week or so – gonna have to drag out the shorts- LOL =)
    Heide, can you please email me your cell number so I can call you? The one I have doesn’t seem to work.

  6. I’m a few days behind in my reading, but was happy to see I only missed two posts….about the same rate as I seem to writing these days. Hope everyone is feeling OK and snuggy warm during this most recent bout of rain. Hugs from afar, K

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