Hodge Podge

Another bout of winter illness sent A2 home yesterday and today I joined her in severe coughing fits while my innards turned into outards… don’t ask.  Being home meant that we were able to go on-line and check out the devastation in Haiti. Those poor people! Nothing will bring back the lives that were lost, but hopefully the world can work together to make Port Au Prince, and other areas too, more stable and habitable than they were before the earthquake.  The poverty those people lived in before was unimaginable.  Seeing the images taken there makes a boring night at home eating Ramen noodles seem like a treat. 

After viewing the destruction it was time for some levity and daily visits to I Can Has Cheezburger  and Stuff On My Cat.  Roxanna decided to “help.”  She adores following the pointer icon around on the monitor. She’ll sit for long periods of time watching it, just trying to catch the elusive thing.


Sometimes she loses herself in the excitement  and faceplants on the monitor while trying to bite the arrow.  That explains the cat hair and kitty snot on my screen.  Of course she never admits to a mistake or acts embarrassed, but rather feigns indifference by doing her laundry after each bonk on the snout.  She’s a very clean cat.


Sedentary activities were on the agenda. I finally finished my DH’s Christmas slippers. They turned out quite ugly, but they are very warm and comfortable.  He’s wearing them now as he manuevers his undead warrior dude thingy through a raid in WOW.

Slippers weren’t the only “ugly, but good” daily product.  Dinner consisted of homemade fish and chips. It was made with some of the Alaskan Cod my parents brought us for the holidays.  It turned out tasting fabulous, in spite of looking like fast food rejects.  I wasn’t able to break up one of the frozen layers so it all had to be defrosted, thus I ended up making way too much for tonight. No worries, we’ll have fish tacos tomorrow night.  These were the left over pieces.

I only made one trip out of the house, to pick up A1 from Knowledge Bowl practice and A3 from Chess Club.  A1 informed me that both her school and the elementary school where I work went into lockdown today because of a bank robbery.  The thief wasn’t caught. But then again, the town’s police officer might not have been in the office (which has a magnificent view of the bank, btw).  During the lockdown one of my daughter’s classmates got excited because of the sirens so she opened the outside door to have a better look. She’s 13 and theoretically should have known better.   When A1 heard the tale from her older sister she got quite indignant. Her elementary school didn’t go into lockdown because it’s not near the actual town where the robbery happened, but rather several miles away. She grumbled on the way home about  “never getting to see any ‘action’.”  My patented mom response to her was that boredom is a luxury that many in the world can’t afford. I contemplated showing her pictures from Haiti, but opted instead to settle for the lecture.

Only a few rows of a hat were knitted.  This was supposed to be part of a Christmas present… ahem.




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3 responses to “Hodge Podge

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    I love the pix of Roxie. What a character she is!! I’m sorry you and A2 got sick again. You guys are gonna have super duper immune systems one day. Even your so-called quiet times ain’t so quiet, kiddo!!!

  2. Roxie

    Bless your dear heart! You don’t have whooping cough, do you? You poor sweetheart.

    The fish look deelicious, and the slippers look awesome! They’re guy slippers – pretty would be just WRONG!

    Hope you two get well soon, and no one else gets it. Hugs and catnip!

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