Sorry, been missing in action these past few weeks.  As normal, all of the “action” belongs to my girls.  We have multiple activities every night after school. I miss sleep. I miss knitting. I miss sanity.  Wrestling, Knowledge Bowl, Cookie sales (Girl Scouts), Chess Club, Math Club, Band Concerts, etc. should all end towards the end of March.  Until then I’ll be main-lining coffee and hoping I make it to work wearing all of my clothes. I need a visit from Sven! Cheers!


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5 responses to “MIA

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    I sure hope Sven stops for a bit. Sounds like you need it ……..BAD!!! Hugs from Middle Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Roxie

    Cookie sales do teach the kids a lot about how to deal with benign strangers. Little girls who know how to say hello to a customer, how to present the cookies in a professional and un-selfconscious manner, how to make change and how to say thank you brightly have a good headstart at getting a summer job as a sales clerk, rather than a burger slinger. DH and I always buy from every girl and boy scout we encounter.

    Wrestling? Is one of your girls wrestling?

    Hugs and health to one and all!

  3. So, I shouldn’t count on you to buy cookies from Neatnik’s Brownie troop? ;o)

  4. Just got back from snowy Nevada and very wet California visiting my two and have enjoyed catching up with you on the blog.
    Many thanks for your positive contribution to my sense of perspective, it was in danger of tilting into ………!!?! Sorry still tired after long journey and can’t think of words.

  5. We didn’t get our cookie paperwork until a few days ago and it’s due Monday (tomorrow), so we sold the minimum and will probably only buy a few for ourselves. No chance of getting that bandana, but enough for the patch this year. 🙂 Maybe she and I can do a tie-dye bandana at home instead and earn a Try-It.

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