Today I’m going on a field trip with  my first grade students.  We’re off to see a play in Portland, followed by a picnic lunch at a local park.  The play promises to be fun and I’m sure that my  own students will enjoy the trip and behave perfectly (crossing finger, toes, eyes, etc. that this is true).  The bus ride down and back will be loud and wild though because the kids will all be excited… all 90 of them!   There’s no way that many people, even little ones, can be quiet inside a rumbling tin can that echoes little voices.  I do wonder what the planners were thinking though when they decided on a picnic lunch in the middle of winter in Washington. It’s pouring buckets outside and there is no shelter at the park.  The poor little dears will be muddy, cold and miserable before the day is through.  I’m relying heavily on the aid of my assistants, a.k.a., ear plugs and Advil to enhance (or in this case, subdue) the outing by making the bus ride tolerable.  The theater does not allow photography so the camera is staying home. 

Elsewhere, my DH is going to see Bowling for Soup with a co-worker on Saturday. He asked if I wanted to go too, but the answer was, “No.”  The poor fellow lives with 4 females and I’m sure he’d enjoy an estrogen-free evening.  Heck, even our pets are female. Sometimes I’m surprised that he can still pee standing up. 

Speaking of the girls, they are all really busy. A3’s activities were cut way back because Chess Club is over and she decided that Math Is Cool (another after-school club) wasn’t her “thing”.  That leaves Girl Scouts and Wrestling on her agenda. A2 has a big science project on the crab nebula coming up and a band concert so she’s pretty much occupied. A1 still has daily Knowledge Bowl practices and she’s getting extra help for math during that time as well.  Thank heavens the team is coached by an amazing teacher who is willing and able to help her, because lord knows that I’m lost and of no use in the numbers department.  Hmm, after reading this, someone might think my girls are a right bunch of nerds… I wish.  A3 manages to wreak havoc and cause trouble on a daily basis. Her poor teacher is a saint who deserves a raise. A2 is a complete and utter smart-arse, with a barbed tongue. And A1 spends most of her day obsessing over make-up, hair, clothes and boys, which might explain the need for extra help in Algebra.

Now off to seek that perfect balance of coffee for the morning. That means enough caffeine has been ingested to be alert and functional, but no so much that I have to use the bathroom constantly, especially while stuck on the bumpy bus ride.






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5 responses to “Wednesday

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Just reading your blog exhausts me. Hang on. And, your girls are real girls. Thank the heavens. Although, I can’t imagine where they get their smart-arse attitudes? Can you?????????

  2. How did the caffeine infusion work out for you?

    • I ended up a bit under-caffeinated, but the school bus driver was blasting out “Queen” songs over the speakers. “We Will Rock You” being accompanied by little stomping feet tends to keep everyone awake. It was a pretty good field trip in spite of the poor choice of a lunch location.

  3. Roxie

    “Picnic” always sounds like such a lovely idea to someone who’s NOT going to eat a wet sandwich sitting on a wet bench in the rain.

    I’m bushed listening to your schedule!

  4. Gillian

    Your girls all sound quite normal…maybe not average but definitely normal.
    Love the February Sweater but sadly I’m still doing January Sock and it needs to be part of a pair.
    Cheers Gillian

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