The Dangers of Being Fickle

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching it seems appropriate to talk about love and a fickle heart. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. 

Viewing everyone else’s February Lady sweater left me enamoured. The versatility of the sweater and the gorgeous green shown in the original haunted me dreams.  Green is my favorite color! Besides, I reasoned with myself, having something I could wear at work, home or even on an imaginary kid-free date with my husband, was the ultimate in practical knitting.  I really wanted to make this, but alas, Christmas knitting prevented me from casting on for several months.  By the time the holidays ended I was determined to cast on, but I decided that because most of my wardrobe is tans, browns and blacks that a green sweater would be much more sensible. 

Hence, the brown blob was born, frogged, re-born, partially frogged and knitted once again.  Not loving my sloppy eyelet holes, my complete inability to make my row gauge match my stitch gauge, were responsible for the previous froggings. After making it to the underarm section where the gull-pattern lace begins I decided that the yoke was too wide through the shoulders. 

Making it work with the written pattern wasn’t possible in my knitting world.  Heck, and since the yoke needs to be started from scratch perhaps ditching the garter stitch for a stockingnet stitch would be in order.  Also, changing the gull-lace pattern to a different lace with several rows of purl ribbing between the lace would allow me to increase and add more “swing” to the bottom of the sweater. Heck, with this many changes, it is no longer a February Lady sweater.  Besides, I really like green.

Luckily, I just happened to find this lovely, Hand Maiden Casbah, in my wardrobe. 

The subtle color changes are lovely and the hint of cashmere renders it touchably soft. There may just be enough of this to make Frozen Leaves.

Last night was the usual circus of activities, homework, etc.  While I was running hither and fro my two youngest daughters disappeared.  A quick search of the house and one loud beller into the back yard uncovered their whereabouts. Both girls came trotting around the end of the house covered with grins and dirt.  They ‘d decided to surprise me by clearing out the brush from the garden area and pulling weeds.  Those girls managed to gather a huge stack of debris and uncover some  plants!  There was only time for  a quick hand-washing then we needed to load up and take A1 to a school board meeting.  A1 and two other classmates were called upon during their last hour of school today to explain Rachel’s Challenge to the school board.  A fundraiser for Haiti, sponsored by their group, was covered in a local paper and the school board wanted to see what this organization was.  The kids were nervous because they didn’t have much time to prepare and they were concerned that the school board would not condone this group.  The three students spoke mostly eloquently (not any “like”s, but a few “um”s) and the school board  approved their actions.  Even as an adult I would not want to get up and speak there.  During the meeting A2 and A3 drew quietly in the corner.  They were both so tired from their gardening exploits that they didn’t utter a sound or even argue.  As appreciation for all of their hard work I took the girls to Panda Express for dinner.  I’ll try to get a picture of the garden today.



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5 responses to “The Dangers of Being Fickle

  1. Horray girls! Success in garden prep and public speaking!! I’m so proud of them. Give them hugs from Auntie Karen!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    You must be so proud of the girls. How considerate. My FLS is in time out. I’m unsure whether I like it or not. I am not even sure it would look good. Go with the cashmere for now;-P

  3. Roxie

    What marvelous girls you have! Brave and eloquent, and thoughtful and hard-working. Hoorah for you, mom!

    The sweater – no longer February Lady. Now it’s the independent Lady.

  4. Awwww, that is so incredibly sweet of your girls to do. I’m impressed.

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