Olympics and Madrona

The Madrona Fiber Arts Festival began yesterday. Even though it’s taking place a mere two-hour drive away, I’m not going. I am not even driving up for a quick walk through the vendors’ market… okay, so I’m especially not driving up for a tempting stroll through heavenly yarns and fibers, sold by friendly hawkers only too willing to take any major credit cards should someone run out of cash.  Hopefully, those folks who are going will post extensive, detailed reports with lots of pictures telling about their adventures there.  No pressure, Marta!

The 2010 Winter Olympics kick off in Whistler today too. For knitters that means another round of the Knitting Olympics.  I participated in the 2006 challenge, and even earned my gold medal.  My goal was to complete two pairs of socks during the two-week time frame.  This was no small feat (or should that be feet?) given the ages of my children at the time and the fact that we were doing an extensive remodel of our house. Anyway, here are some pictures from way back then.



Tasha looked so healthy and Bonny (background of last picture) was itty bitty.

Here are pictures of the girls taken during the first Knitting Olympics.

A2 and A3 had just watched Bambi and they were taking turns pretending to be deer.

A1 having a riding lesson with our neighbor.

I can’t believe how much everything has changed for us in the last four years!

Okay, back to the present. For the 2010 Knitting Olympics I shall be an official cheerleader! I applaud each and every knitter who picks up his or her needles and casts on. Nationality is irrelevant, I root for you all.  Godspeed and everyone be safe and knit fair. Caffeine, or in some cases, alcohol shall be the only drugs tolerated during these events.  Anyone thought to be using steroids or dragging out mostly-finished WIPs and passing them off as “new” cast-ons will lose my support and I hope they’re infested with moths.

We have a four-day weekend due to a teacher in-service day on Friday and President’s Day on Monday.  Plans here include churning out the laundry, catching up on sleep (needed to fend off the germ d’jour) and finishing up three major school projects, one for each of my daughters.  Other than giving the girls candy, we do NOT celebrate Valentine’s Day. My husband doesn’t go to Jarod and every kiss does not begin with Kay. Corner vendors selling singing teddy bears and balloons hold no sway over us.  And as lovely as a meal out sounds, the crowds and expense are just not worth it.  My DH and I may try to guilt the girls into helping with housework for the occasion though.  Happy Friday everyone. Cheers!





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5 responses to “Olympics and Madrona

  1. Ahh, memories of 2006 knitting olympics! That was fun. Sadly, right now, I can’t knit or spin or felt or any of those fun fibery things, so I guess cheering is a good option.

    Have a great long weekend!!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    OMG!!!! The girls were so little!!!!!!! Bonny was a baby and sweet Tasha looked wonderful. It doesn’t seem 4 years ago!!! I’ll be in front of the tube with my Ribby Cardi and spindle. I will cheer on anyone who wants it. But, mostly I’ll be watching and enjoying excellent athleticism. And, as for Valentine’s Day? Another reason for guilt and spending. Just tell me ya love me;-D

  3. Roxie

    And flowers triple in price during this week. I went to Trader Joe’s on the 16th one year, and they were giving away left-over bouquets rather than let them die in the coolers.

    When I was single, I hated, loathed, despised the Valentine’s day hype. It made me want to buy a fully automatic weapon and write my name on a city bus. Now I just caution my beloved not to fall for it, and he does the same for me, and life goes on as it should.

    Next Tuesday is Mardi Gas, isn’t it?

  4. DH and I celebrate with cards and a nice dinner. The last many years has been at home, but now that our eldest is finally a babysitting age, we will venture out for a “date” at a French restaurant (oo-la-la!). No alcohol since that seems to triple the bill without effort. The rest–jewelry, in particular–is nice but I hardly have the occasion to wear it. Knitting Olympics…I’ll have to think about that tonight and declare my “events” in the morning.

  5. I’m late in reading all the blogs I love…but, dollface, you were missed. A lot.

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