Four Days Off!

Hope all of you who had President’s Day off from work enjoyed your long weekend.  The girls and I had four days at home, but they still flew by.

A3’s pre-sale Girl Scout cookies came in. 


They aren’t all for us though, 6 of the 54 boxes were ordered by others.  Actually, I hope that a lot more than six boxes go out the door… especially since we bought something new for the home, which appears near the end of this posting.

Bonny helped us organize the cookies.

Because she worked so hard she gets to keep the box.  This is the kitty equivalent to getting a pink Cadillac for selling lots of Mary Kay products.

Most of the long weekend was devoted to school projects.  A3 needed to build a musical instrument from household items. The instrument had to be able to change both tone and pitch.  We didn’t have much in the way of raw materials here so we took a trip to the Goodwill Store and bought someone else’s household items.  Her invention is called a “Hammer Piano.”

Many hours were spent figuring out the technical details.  She even decided to paint the old wine box.  Which in hindsight is a good thing because I don’t want her teacher thinking that we buy alcohol in bulk.

A2 had a science project and her topic was the Crab Nebula.

It’s still not quite done yet, but our colored printer ran out of black ink.  I had no idea that the filaments stemming from the Crab Nebula contain mostly Helium and that the Crab Proton at its center spins 30 times per second.  The explosion from the star that created the Crab Nebula  was visible in China. It happened on July 4, 1054.  Somehow, I doubt I’ll forget these, and other fascinating facts, about the Crab Nebula. I may go to work with mismatched socks or without pants, but I’ll be able to quote nebulae trivia until the cows come home.

A1’s History project is a continuation of her National History Day project.  Her entry was selected for regionals.  This year’s theme was “Innovation” and A1 is discussing innovations in the Marine Corps.  Rather than turn in the old exhibit, a mere 6 foot tall tri-fold display made of cardboard, the entire project is  being revamped.  My DH bought plywood for this one.  And of course nobody wants cheesy old computer copies of pictures on a nice wooden display, so now everything must be re-printed.  The new display will even feature a digital picture frame the plays the Marine Corps anthem while showing a repeating slide show of Marine images. 

The newly painted, naked board is barely visible behind the old display.  The new one will probably be very heavy and A1 may need to enlist the help of a real Marine to help her carry it.  That’s not a bad idea, I’d volunteer to pick him up.  Sven used to be a Marine. Sven took inspections seriously.  Everything was pressed, starched, smooth and tight. So tight in fact that you could bounce a quarter off of his… bunk.

In addition to playing gopher for the girls while they worked, my DH and I also ate.  We ate a lot.  During the course of the weekend our family wiped out three pies, a pan of gingerbread, several boxes of Girl Scout cookies and a variety of high-fat, home-made meals.  My favorite was the baked potato soup.


On Saturday I noticed that my favorite pillow was missing.  A2 had requisitioned it to make Roxie more comfortable.   Sigh. I’m such a pushover that Roxie still has the pillow. One of A2’s other sisters removed the sign though.


Even though I’m not participating in the Knitting Olympics I did manage enough  rows that I passed the half-way point on the sweater I’m working on.


Another bonus from having the long weekend… I finally found the “Smelly Stickers” that my first grade students have been asking for.  Now they’ll have incentive to be good workers!


Last, and certainly least, we now have a scale.  It’s been years since we owned one.  I used to obsess over the silly thing so I threw it away. I’d step on it every time I walked into the bathroom and then worry about the numbers.   The thought of any of my girls fretting about silly little numbers makes me want to hide this away.

The only reason for buying it was for A3’s wrestling.  I will never let her diet, etc. for a sport, but before tournaments we need to know which class to put her in.  I’m thinking that my yarn wardrobe would be the perfect place to stash this wicked, vile, destructor of self-esteem.  Nobody every looks in there. 

This is why having cases of cookies around is a BAD thing. 





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5 responses to “Four Days Off!

  1. Good for you. You’re concern over your girl’s body images is refreshing. But, you should not obsess, Grasshopper. You are a beautiful woman. Enough. I love the angel cat sign. And, Girl Scout cookies have no calories because they do good;-P

  2. I guess that means that our troop’s preorder will be arriving soon. Guess I should tell Number Guy to give his office-mates a heads up.

  3. Girl Scout cookies!!! My neighborhood doesn’t have any girls scouts anymore. They grew up and the new families have teeny tiny tots. But one of my knitting students has a girl scout so I did get to order some. Won’t be in for a month, though.

    Kid school projects can be a lot of fun. Almost makes me wish mine were that age again.

    I don’t own a scale either, though I think I need to get one to weigh dogs for meds. How my clothes fit is all the scale I need. And at that, if I don’t like the fit, I just buy a bigger size and stop looking in the mirror. Hahahahaha…

  4. Roxie

    I had no idea kids had so much fun homework. The most artistic I ever got was using colored pencils on a map. Really impressive work by all of you!

    Roxie deserves your pillow. Unless you get something nicer. Then she deserves that. She’s a cat.

    And Bonnie in her own pink cadilac – ah – cardboard box looks like she’s in heaven too!

  5. We haven’t owned a scale since the very early 1980’s.

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