Friday Fails

For a four-day work week it sure took Friday a long time to get here!  My girls are driving me crazy, with the youngest being the most concentrated cause of the insanity.  She has been talking back to  adults and she’s being anti-social on just about every level imaginable.  She even pushed another student in her classroom! She’ll now have lots of time in her bedroom for reflection. My middle daughter is merely sabotaging each and every attempt to get her organized by refusing to bring homework and school notes, etc. home. The results being, several ambushes with omigodit’sduetomorrow or surprisetheconcertistonight! moments.  My eldest is over-extended with activities and  each night has been an emotional struggle to keep up with homework, etc.   Stress + teenaged hormones = lots of tears and panic. (for the record, all of the girls have way more homework to do than I ever did… I’d never make it as a kid now days)  Anyway, no matter what the issue, I end up being the scape-goat.  This was so NOT in my job description. Baa!

My sister called last night. Our niece had called and left a message saying that she’s getting married on Monday.  I can’t get off work to drive up, so hopefully my mom and dad can go and take pictures.  My sister and I also discussed genetics as well as some common issues regarding aging, etc.  What a relief to hear that some issues I’ve been having are most likely benign. She has the same problems and offered up some tips that have helped her. I still need to confirm this as the cause of discomfort (by discomfort I mean that I want to yell at small children or kick a puppy because my bra, or anything else near the vicinity of my left breast, hurts like heck). In March I have a mammogram appointment.

Each day I’ve been bringing in boxes of Girl Scout cookies to the staff room to re-sell.  It’s a proven fact that if there are 50 boxes of cookies at our home that we will eat all 50 boxes.  At first I wasn’t sure if people would buy them, but apparently it’s been a rough week and the staff needs a chocolate fix. The Samoas and Thin Mints are flying out the door.

My DH has National Guard  drill this weekend, with an awards banquet on Saturday night.  We don’t have a babysitter for the girls so I’m staying home and he’s taking our oldest daughter as his “date” for the evening.  We’d try taking the whole family, but the tickets are $35.00 each and I doubt the two younger girls would sit well through speeches, etc.  Why is it that a little alcohol makes people think that they’re interesting and witty?  Besides, A3 is still grounded. 

The weather has been gorgeous here in the Pacific northwest.  Hopefully it will last the weekend. Fresh air, yard work and a long walk are sure ways for everyone to unwind and start Monday out fresh. Cheers and Friday smiles to everyone!




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11 responses to “Friday Fails

  1. Ted Nugent

    I AM witty after a little alcohol

  2. Lisa

    Fresh air, fresh cut flowers, a little wine and cheers right back at ya!

  3. Dave Daniels

    Ahhhh, when I was a kid, I got the same punishment as A3: banished to my room. I ***LOVED*** it. I would intentionally do things so I WOULD be sent to my room. 🙂
    When my mom finally caught on, she made me sit in a chair in the corner of the kitchen and she’d TALK to me all afternoon.
    Believe me, I wasn’t bad after that!

  4. Two consoling thoughts [hopefully]
    1 I had Breast cancer and it didn’t have any pain symptoms at all, so I bet your mammogram will just clear any anxieties.
    2 Ornery young girls grow up to be great friends. I found when mine was being a “rhymes with witch” that if I praised her first [use imagination when necessary] she was comfortable that I was on her side, and would then maybe listen to my advice/complaint.

  5. Debbie

    I empathize with you. Even though I only have one he made me feel sometimes like I had 10. A3 may need a little alone time with Mom to get to the bottom of her issues. I know she is grounded but maybe a trip to starbucks and a long talk may be just what she and you need to find out what is going on. As you know kids act out to get attention. You need a long walk, long hot bath and a glass of wine. You are a great Mom and will get though this on top of the game. Keep your chin up and remember you are loved by more people than just your family. I will keep you in my thougths and prayers. Always your friend…Debbie

  6. knitwonpurltoo

    OK. This is exactly why I avoided childbearing. The thing is, they are worth the effort. Each one is a little jewel. They just need a huge amount of buffing. And, you are a hell of a mom. BTW, chillsider has a terrific point.

  7. Christy

    It’s a good thing you added the part about getting a mammo soon…I thought I was gonna have to fly out there and kick your ars! The pain could be from many things, but a mammo will help solve the mystery. It could just be an infected milk duct. If it’s not too much work, try to get to the regular doc and see if antibiotics will help…cuz if it hurts now…a mammo WILL make you want to kill someone! Well wishes & hugs! Miss ya!

  8. Roxie

    I ALWAYS take a couple of asprins about an hour before the mammo. Less ouchful during and much less sore after. Thinking positive, positive thoughts for you. Bummer you have to wait till March. You will be OK.

    I love the daddy/daughter date. How cool!

    Poor A3. I’m betting that she doesn’t WANT to be bad. I’ve had days when I wanted to push someone, too. Poor you to have all this on your plate at one time. A good long walk in the sunshine will help everyone!

  9. So, my experience with grounding is that I was the one being punished. Little B got exactly what she wanted which was to be left alone and I was the one who suffered when she came out of her room to whine.

    I can’t tell that you’re a great mom Heidi and your beautiful girls will grow up to be lovely, wonderful women. Hang in there momma!

  10. Boy do I feel for you on the homework = tears thing. My son is at an advanced school and as such has way too much homework for his age. I didn’t have this kind of homework until I was in high school!

    He’s also being punished for treating his little brother like garbage at the moment. Full electronic restriction. If it can be plugged in or has batteries, it’s out for him.

    My problem is that he’s only nine. I dread the day he gets into his teens and we have to deal with all this stuff on an exponential basis!

  11. I think homework, for the most part, is a complete waste of time. I have been all out of sorts since I’ve been giving packets this year to be like my team mates. It feels odd and a bit wrong. I’m all for a fun project at home and some practice (PRACTICE) sheets to hone skills, but pages of busy work is crazy – for them and for me. I spent hours on grading even though I realize some students get no support while some have volunteers at home to do the work for them. I have a secret plan to only send home my newletter, a couple math facts review practice sheets and a fun project every couple weeks or so. heh…

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