Friends & Fever

Friday evening Karen, her DH and two of her children came down for a visit! Her eldest daughter stayed home to go to a slumber party.   Not only did Karen visit, but she also brought me some gorgeous green yarn.  I think it shall be a hat when it grows up. Thank you, Karen!

While they were here we caught up on news and drove down to Portland to check out a few yarn stores.  A1 was at a friend’s house, but A2 and A3 tagged along for the browsing, as well as a brief stop by Karen’s brother’s home.  The only purchases made (by me) included this Meri-Cash blend that A2 picked out for a shawlette,

and some brightly dyed merino roving that A3 chose so she could spin.

On Saturday Karen and her DH went out for dinner with her brother and his wife.  The kids stayed here, where we enjoyed hot dogs, pop-corn, games and movies.  Sunday morning A3 complained about her throat hurting.  I made her a cup of tea, gave her some Tylenol and did my best to keep her and the other kids apart for the morning.  That was pretty much impossible because they all kept wandering to and fro.  Karen and her family left about mid-day to head back up north and then the girls and I loaded up to run errands. We spent hours searching for wrestling shoes and some kind of appropriate outfit for A3’s upcoming tournament.  Eventually, we ended up with this ensemble.

The shoes are a little big, but given how expensive these are, that’s okay. Maybe they’ll last her for a couple of seasons.  Unfortunately, her sore throat morphed into a headache and fever by Sunday evening.  She missed school on Monday and couldn’t attend practice.  Her fever keeps creeping back up every couple of hours and she has a wracking cough. She’ll be staying home tomorrow too. The poor little kidlet just can’t catch a break this year.  Hopefully she’ll be better soon.

I made very little knitting progress, but Karen was rocking her Olympic sock. She wanted to complete one before the end of the Vancouver games, but if she manages to track down more of this yarn she may be able to knock out a second sock.  They have a lovely little cuff and the eyelets formed by the increases add an elegant design element (click to biggefy)

After a little stash diving the perfect yarn to make Frozen Leaves  popped up.  Although it’s not visible in the picture, there is silver spun in this yarn.  The modest sparkles should portray a hint of frost when finished. 

Of course, this can’t be and probably, maybe won’t be started until some other projects are cleared off of the needles.  Must. Stay. Strong.

This evening, while taking A1 out to get new clothes for a Knowledge Bowl tournament, I bought this bag.

Normally I’m not much of a shopper, but this baby is HUGE! There are dividers and compartments everywhere too. It holds all of my sundry items, plus several knitting projects while still having room to carry my lunch bag to work. 

There’s an occasional cough coming from A2’s room this evening… not a good sign.  Hopefully she’ll be spared this latest attack.

Elsewhere, an old friend (by “old” I mean that we’ve known each other since we were both eight, not to imply that she is “old”) has a team participating in an upcoming M.S. walk.  Once details have been worked out I’ll post links to her site. Anybody donating to her team will be entered to win a really neato prize that is yet to be determined, but it will probably be fiber-related. This is a cause that is near and dear to my heart. I’m always amazed at what people are willing to do to help others.  Time to call it a night. Cheers!


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7 responses to “Friends & Fever

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    I LOVE you new bag. I’m hoping A2 has avoided the crud that has afflicted wee A3. Damn. It has been a long long winter, hasn’t it? I am so glad you and Karen had fun. And, Frozen Leaves? That is exquisite!!!!!

  2. Roxie

    The roving is wildly fun! Yay A3! The blue cashmerino will make a scrumptious shawlette! Lucky A2. And oh, I lust for your mongo-tote! But be careful. Sometimes, when you get a bag that’s big enough to hold everything you need, it gets too heavy to lift.

  3. Your frozen leaves will look great in that yarn! Hop your daughter feels better!

  4. Thanks again for hosting us this weekend. It’s such fun to get together with you–I wish it could happen more often. You are very welcome for the yarn–as I said, I saw it and it was screaming your name! Begging to be with you…longing to warm your ears in some future shape. 🙂
    Hope the A’s are getting better. No illness here (yet). Hugs, K

  5. Wow, you’ve been really busy – hope A3’s temp normalizes quickly.

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