WTF Wednesday

WTF Restaurant Names:  Most people from the Portland area have seen this restaurant before.  I’ve never eaten here, but my guess is that the owner knew perfectly well what he/she was doing while choosing a name for this establishment.  It always makes me giggle.

Up in Bellingham there was a restaurant named, “A Touch of Greece.”  Are there any clever or silly restaurant names near you?

WTF Anachronism: While in Portland last weekend I spotted this piece of hardware mounted in the curb of a residential sidewalk.

At first glance it looks like something to tether a horse.  However, I don’t know if paved streets with formed concrete curbs co-existed with the horse and buggy crowd. Of course cars and horses overlapped as forms of transportation for several decades, perhaps this was installed during this time.  That’s assuming, of course, that it was indeed, used for horses. The ring would be impractical for securing a bicycle because the bike would have to be laid down in order to chain it up.  Hopefully it won’t be removed in the name of progress. Whatever the use, it’s cool looking.

WTF Lack of Common Sense:  Politicians and lawyers love creating laws to “keep us safe” and then pat themselves publicly on the back for making society a better place. The intent behind these laws may be good, but because they often leave no “gray area” for interpretation the good intentions are often lost amid sheer stupidity and blind/ forced adherence.  Examples of these “good for you” laws gone bad can be seen in their basic, condensed forms in our public schools.   For example: Suzie brings non-prescription pain killers to school then shares them with a friend who has a headache. The friend has an allergic reaction and dies as a result.  After much hoopla, the tragedy results in a zero drug tolerance for students. Not only does it include illegal and prescription medications, but over-the-counter varieties are also banned.  Do I think children should take medicine to school and share it? Certainly not, but 7 years ago, my then 6 year old daughter, was sent to the office, I was called and HUGE deal was made because she had a tube of Blistex at school. I knew she had it. I sent it with her because her lips were cracked and bleeding.  The school administration acted as though I were selling crack out of my mini-van.  There was/is a zero-tolerance policy.  *All weapons, even toys,  have been banned from schools for many years, and quite frankly, they should be. But the zero-tolerance policy of an Oregon School district went a bit far in this case.  There should be room in these laws for some discretion. The darned thing was only five inches long.  I’ve seen more dangerous sharpened pencils!   And if that isn’t ludicrous enough, there is this story out of a New York public school. The twelve-year-old doodled on a desk for Pete’s sake! A more appropriate consequence would have been keeping her after school to clean desks. As it is, she now has a permanent mark on her legal record.

 * I grew up in Hickville, USA, where during hunting season there was a spike in absences.  But even in a school with many (okay, so there were only about 50 kids in each grade) shotgun/rifle savvy students with access to their own arsenals none of them ever brought their guns into the building and threatened teachers or other students.  This type of incident is a reflection on society and moral shifts, rather than a case against weapons.

WTF Again?: Poor little A3 has pneumonia again.  The pediatrician said that it’s common to be susceptible to it after having it once.  Both A2 and A3 are home sick today.  Today is a half-day for the elementary schools in our district so I’m staying home with them.  My DH is taking the Thursday and Friday (if needed, but hopefully they’ll be better) shifts with them. 

  WTF Shopping: Cool!

Who would use these, and more importantly,  how would he/she’d keep them from getting mixed up with other coins? If I ever wanted to be a spy they’d be on my “Must Have” list.  Another covert operative Must Have… the not-so-discrete, “Really, I’m not recording you, pay no attention to the microphone and wires” sunglasses.

Today I’ll dress in black, hum the Mission Impossible theme song and imagine that I’m agent 042, pretending to be an ordinary mom, while  secretly keeping the world safe for democracy by eliminating tyranny and crappy yarn everywhere.  Cheers!



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5 responses to “WTF Wednesday

  1. Yes, those rings are for tying up horses. They have them in Bellingham, too, in a few places downtown. Portland is one of the few places in the world that celebrates its history and would likely take out the rings when the curbs need to be replaced, then re-install them into the new curbs. Portland is cool like that!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    With your loyal sidekick, Sven!

  3. Yeah, everywhere is just loaded with the stupid these days…

    My inner geek is intrigued by the coins!

  4. Roxie

    Hung Far Low has been around since my mom was a girl, and she’s 90 now. It was a fun place to go when I was in college, so exotic and daring. Chinatown used to be a very dicey neighborhood, especially after dark. It was in the “skid road” section of town, with cheap saloons and tatoo parlors and winos huddled in doorways in the dark. To get to the resturant, you had to go up a steep, narrow dingy flight of stairs, and then you came out into this room full of dim lighting and piquant, fascinating smells, with a small oriental man in a long-sleeved white shirt, black vest and slacks, hair as smooth and shiny as patent leather, who would show us to a table in the center of the room. Chinese families sat at big tables along the walls, and in booths over to the side, couples cuddled in the red light of their shaded candles.

    Legend has it that a large of med school students took a finger off one of their dissection corpses, and after eating a huge meal, buried the finger in the remains of a plate of pork and vegetables, then “Discovered” it amidst much hubub and shouting, and walked out without paying.

    Poor A3. Pneumonia sucks!

  5. Our city hall down the road from us has a hitching post that was installed when the new buildings went in – 15 years ago or so.

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