Cookied Out & A Finished Knit!

I’ve no idea where the last four days have gone.   On Saturday and Sunday A3 had cookie booth sales in front of two different grocery stores. Because it is well into cookie season many potential customers are already cookied out, so sales are pretty slow.

(The girls stood to greet customers leaving the store, but I had them sit in my chair to keep them still long enough to take a picture)

Saturday’s weather was amazingly warm and sunny though so manning the booth was still delightful as the girls cheerfully greeted shoppers leaving the store.  People drove around with the tops down on their convertibles and lots of motorcycle riders graced the roads. The local parks were full with people barbecuing, playing frisbee and shaking off the winter blahs.  Most people smiled, even when politely declining  solicitations from the diminutive sellers.

  Sunday morning started out equally promising with a bright blue dome overhead and the music of birds singing all around.  Within several hours though gray clouds rolled in, along with a dampening chill.  People walked briskly and purposely between the store and their cars, with hardly a sideways glance at the girls.  Nobody was intentionally rude, but sales were off and the girls soon became bored.  The troop had several boxes of cookies donated back to them that were used for samples. A3 soon decided that the local birds needed to try the cookies too. 

She crumbled up and scattered three Trefoils (classic shortbread cookies) to the starlings when she thought nobody was looking.  We were all ready to be done and I was relieved when the next troop arrived to set up their table. When we left there was quite a flock of birds hanging out near the sidewalk. 

I finally finished knitting something!  This shrug is from some  Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino purchased many (almost 4) years ago. 

It hasn’t  been blocked yet, but I’ve been wearing it all day. Not only is it warm, but it nicely camouflages my arm flaps. 


It was extremely easy to knit too.  It’s just a simple ribbed, lace pattern knitted sideways into a rectangle long enough to reach from elbow to elbow and across the back. The ribbing gives it lots of give and comfort, while the pattern wards off the monotony of a stockingnet or plain ribbed knit. It’s then folded in half horizontally and several inches of each end are sewn together to form the sleeves. To finish it I added a two by two ribbing around the center opening and the cuffs.

A solitary sock is almost off of the needles too.  My DH is mostly better after spending a week home with bronchitis.  March is a birthday-heavy month for us, so it’s time to pick up the pace on this knitting hobby.  Hope you’ve all enjoyed a wonderful weekend!


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3 responses to “Cookied Out & A Finished Knit!

  1. For my birthday, I want a photocopy of that shrug pattern. 🙂

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    I love your shrug. Arm flaps, pulllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeez. I’m wondering why the cookie sales are off here this year, too. Not being able to eat wheat makes them off limits for me, but I bought a box from a Mom who has been selling them (for her daughter;-D) since the little one was 7. I think she’s 16 now. I HAD to buy one from her, but everybody I’ve talked to has said how low their sales are. Part of the crappy economy?????

  3. Roxie

    Your shrug is darling, and will be wonderful for covering your arm flaps if you ever get them. (Give us a break. I bet you still get carded in bars.)

    And I love that A3 shared cookies with the birds. What a dear girl she is.

    Hope your husbby gets all well soon. And I hope you stay strong and healthy as well. Spring is coming!!

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