Productivity With Bad Pictures

This weekend was our final round of booth sales for Girl Scout Cookies.  Hooray! Sadly, the troop leader over-ordered and the girls were left sitting on about $1,000 worth of cookies that have to come out of what would have been their profits for camping, etc.  If you know anybody who wants to buy some cookies I can hook them up.  We’re out of Thin Mints though.

It’s a little known fact that we have two of, if not THE, ugliest bathrooms in the free world.  Both share the same layout and are divided into two, claustrophobic smaller rooms. One half contains the bathtub/shower and toilet, the other half has a vanity with two sinks.  Most people automatically realize that having both the toilet and bathtub together are ridiculous.  Anyway, neither bathroom has a window or skylight, which add to the claustrophobic feeling.  This weekend I decided to paint the main bathroom a bright, sunny yellow.  This did nothing to alleviate the design problem, but you get a happier closed in feeling now.

My DH doesn’t like it. His preference would have been to paint the bathroom white, which he insisted it was before.  It was actually a light lavender, but time and wear had faded it in places.

In addition to selling cookies and painting I also took on some spring cleaning challenges. First, I gutted all three girls’ bedrooms then put everything back together in an organized fashion.  For A1 that meant rearranging her clothes, sorting through make-up bottles and tossing the empties and helping her sort through shoes.   In A2’s room we excavated under her bed and sorted the Bakugans from the Pokemons, found homes for all of her drawings and posters and then tackled her closet full of jumbled shoes and clothes (which she pulls out randomly and dons for school).  A3’s room had the dubious honor of being the most tedious.  Legos, Lincoln Logs, Erector Set pieces, Littlest Pet Shop animals and My Little Pony’s all had to be sorted and put into their correct bins. Not only are her closet and toy dresser back in order, but we also cleaned out her closet, drawers, window seat and from under her bed as well.

I predict that in two-week’s time all three rooms will be restored to their former filth and chaos.

Speaking of chaos, I decided that Roxanne’s affinity for sleeping on my desk was detrimental to typing, keeping paperwork organized and that she had no intentions of going elsewhere.   I cleared off the scanner and made her a bed next to my desk.  I left it alone for her to “discover” and she loves it! Being able to type without her “helping” makes communicating much easier.

With Roxanne’s claim to the office now firmly established, Bonny has taken to wandering between all of the bedrooms and sleeping on each and every bed.   Her she is in the hallway, where she has easy access to all bedrooms at once.

Thank heavens they aren’t males or this might turn into a literally pissing contest… this is bad enough.  The time change is wreaking havoc on everyone’s inner clocks here. Today should be an interesting Monday. Cheers!



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4 responses to “Productivity With Bad Pictures

  1. :: backs away from the felines … slowly ::

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    You were a busy girl! I’m sorry about the cookies and the cats are being exactly what and who they are;-P

  3. Roxie

    So if I buy cookies, how will I get them? Bummer about the over-optimism of the leader.

    Roxanne has learned that purrsistence pays. Poor Bonny!

    What a busy, busy weekend you had. I’m with you – a sunny yellow bathroom is far better than a sterile white one.

  4. moiraeknittoo

    Are you in the Seattle area? I can’t remember, but I didn’t buy very many from the local Cookie Mafia and could probably do with a few more boxes.

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